Small details hidden hidden danger air conditioning indoor unit why leakage

For us, all life is driven by electricity, especially home appliances, but it is inseparable from this electric tiger. However, the air-conditioning of large households in the home is also very confused. Many consumers always feel that the air conditioners in the home are always charged, and they are inadvertently charged. Why?

In fact, this is related to details such as the installation of air conditioners. Today, the author will give you a brief explanation of several problems that often occur when using air conditioners.

1. Why do you feel the leakage when you touch the inverter air conditioner housing?

Because ordinary air conditioners and inverter air conditioners belong to Class I household appliances, when the inverter air conditioner housing is not connected to the grounding wire, it will generate induction electricity and have a feeling of leakage. Therefore, when the air conditioner must connect the power supply socket or switch to the air conditioner, ensure that the air conditioner's outer casing is well grounded to eliminate the induction power!

2. The air conditioner remote control is not used for a long time. Does the battery need to be taken out?

Because the remote control will not cause a little power consumption when it is not in use, the inferior battery will leak electrolyte and corrode the remote control.

3. The air conditioner is turned off for a long time, does the air conditioner need to be disconnected?

Because the air conditioner is powered or remotely shut down, the electrical components of the indoor unit or the outdoor unit generate a little power consumption (ranging from a few watts to a dozen watts depending on the model). Therefore, if the air conditioner is not used for a long time, it is recommended to disconnect the air conditioner power supply to avoid power consumption and aging damage of components.

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