Development of mobile TV based on T-DMB

This article discusses in general terms the hardware and software development of embedded mobile devices such as mobile TV: how to design hardware, achieve audio and video synchronization, improve H.264 decoding rate, and prevent DMA buffer overflow. This article refers to the address: http://

Turbo decoding research and its DSP implementation

Turbo code is a major breakthrough in the field of error correction coding in communication systems in recent years. He has won the favor of many scholars for its superior performance close to the Shannon limit. In this paper, the optimization algorithm based on Max-Log-Map is

Hardware Design of Video Encoder Based on DM6446

Abstract: A video compression system based on TMS320DM6446 is designed. The main chip uses TI's TMS320DM6446, and the analog video signal is sent to the decoder TVP5150, which is decoded to conform to ITU-R BT. 656 standard digital video signal, BT. 656 digital video signal is sent to TMS320D

Design of audio system based on ARM9

1 Introduction This article refers to the address: http:// With the rapid development of Internet technology and multimedia technology, the application of voice communication technology has become more and more extensive, and it has received more and more attention [1]. Today's embedded dev

Design of RTU based on DSP and CAN bus

The remote measurement and control terminal (RTU) has been introduced to China since the 1980s and has been widely used since its introduction in the 1980s. The RTU applied to the substation is mainly to realize remote collection and control of on-site power parameters. The re