See the apple concept encounter light dead

See the apple concept encounter light dead The important reason for the collective dive of concept stocks yesterday was undoubtedly the new Apple products that were eclipsed. The downtrend of the Growth Enterprise Market also made the Apple concept a target of sell-off. As of yesterday's close, Changxin Technology, Huanxu Electronics, Desai Battery, Goerre Acoustics, Anjie Technology, Xinwei Communications and other stocks fell to the limit, Borui's communications also fell 7.73%.

Apple announced the release information of the new iPhone early yesterday morning. China first appeared on the list of Apple product launch regions. According to Apple's official website update price display, the licensed iPhone5c/5s sells for 4,488 yuan and 5,688 yuan respectively.

Apple's two products released this time almost no bright spots again, while the price is not competitive, Apple's concept then appeared a large area of ​​the limit. Based on the after-hours data, the concept stocks were sold by institutions and the amount sold was as high as 10 million yuan.

According to Guo Shiliang, an investment strategy analyst at Yongzhu, the cumulative increase in the amount of such products in the previous period was relatively large, and the new products made the market disappointing. As a result, the concept variety lost its support and the stock price crashed. In addition, the GEM is also facing adjustments. The concept of Apple in the outlook market may still have a high level of turbulence. For some of the varieties with too much growth, we should adopt a gradual exit strategy.

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