JPMorgan Chase: German District Court Decision has limited impact on Everlight

Taiwan's LED packaging factory Yiguang and Japan's LED packaging factory Nichia launched a patent battle in Japan, Germany, the United States and other places in recent years. Following the Japanese Patent Office's invalidation of JPY patent JP2780691, Nichia was also released in Germany. The Dusseldorf District Court sued Everlight and its German subsidiary Everlight Electronics Europe GmbH for infringement. The Dusseldorf House of Representatives issued a ruling on September 3, 2013, judging that the six white LED products of Yiguang violated Nichia’s possession. A YAG patent.

According to the contents of the press release issued by Nichia, the Dusseldorf Court agreed with Nichia’s request, including the loss of the sale of the allegedly infringing products and compensation for the losses suffered by Japan’s infringement. Recycling infringing products from the customer side and destroying the infringing products held and possessed. However, Nichia also mentioned that Yiguang can appeal again. Therefore, the above-mentioned judgments on recovery and destruction are not finalized.

In this regard, JPMorgan Chase Securities pointed out in the latest report that the German Dusseldorf Court’s decision on Yiguang’s patent infringement of Nichia has limited influence on Everlight, and continues to be optimistic about the shareholder’s interest after the acquisition of WOFI by German lighting company A positive concern for the rate of return (ROE).

JP Morgan Chase Securities also mentioned in the report that the total revenue of the six white LED products that Yiguang was convicted of infringing the Japanese YAG patent rights accounted for less than 0.5% of the total revenue. Therefore, this judgment is for the Yiguang camp. The impact of revenue and profitability is limited, and Yiguang has changed the design of its products after the announcement in Japan, which will not affect the future revenue and profit. At the same time, Germany acquired in the second quarter of Everlight. Lighting factory WOFI operations will also not affect.

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