See the apple concept encounter light dead

The important reason for the collective dive of concept stocks yesterday was undoubtedly the new Apple products that were eclipsed. The downtrend of the Growth Enterprise Market also made the Apple concept a target of sell-off. As of yesterday's close, Changxin Technology, Huanxu Elect

AC-LED knowledge summary, AC LED principle and advantages

The supplier of AC LEDLEDs is an LED lighting technology that can be directly plugged into 220V (or 110V) AC without the need for AC/DC conversion compared to conventional DC LEDs. AC LED is a high-security, long-lasting, flicker-free, high-quality LED that can be used in luminaire modules or bulb l

Microsoft launches next-generation Surface

A few days ago, Microsoft released a new generation of Surface tablets and some accessories. Since 12 noon on October 8, domestic users can make reservations. Microsoft's launch of the new two Surface products: Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 and a series of new Surface accessories. Compa