What is DID?

What is DID?

DID is short for Digital InformaTIon Display. It is a new generation of liquid crystal display technology launched by Samsung Electronics in 2006. It is widely used in security monitoring in various industries (hydropower production scheduling, military command, city management, mining safety, environmental monitoring, fire meteorology and maritime command systems, etc.), ( Information releases such as government corporate video conferences, financial securities, airport subway mall hotel communication information, etc. (in theaters, stadiums, fairs, concerts, party media advertisements, etc.) display systems, and commercial display rentals in LCDs.

As its unique display technology, it is different from ordinary liquid crystal displays in that it improves the arrangement structure of liquid crystal molecules and can be placed horizontally and vertically. High brightness, high definition (1080P), super long life, stable operation, low maintenance cost. DID LCD screen provides customers with an ultra-high resolution, ultra-large display area LCD screen with single screen high resolution (1366X768, 1920 X1080) and full screen (1366xMx768xN, 1920xMx1080xN). At present, the main sizes of Samsung DID LCD screens are 32 ”, 40”, 46 ”, 52”, 57 ”, 70”, 82 ”,

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