Analysis on the advantages of highway using industrial Ethernet technology

Analysis on the advantages of highway using industrial Ethernet technology

With the increasing level of intelligence of industrial equipment, Industrial Ethernet has emerged from the field of industrial communications as a mainstream trend in the industry with its networked functions and open features. Many manufacturers have also increased their investment in order to seize the momentum of industrial Ethernet.

Industrial Ethernet uses switched Ethernet technology to provide an interactive mechanism for the coordination and cooperation between controllers, operating stations, and various workstations, and is seamlessly integrated with the upper-level information network. At present, Industrial Ethernet has gradually occupied the mainstream position on the monitoring layer network and is penetrating into the field device layer network. Industrial Ethernet has many advantages over previous automation technologies.

Punan Expressway is the second expressway in northern Fujian, with a total mileage of 245 kilometers and a total investment of 9.8 billion yuan. The construction started in December 2005 with a contract period of 3 years. There are 99 large and medium-sized bridges and 24 tunnels on the whole line, basically using two-way four-lane, and the local road section in Wuyishan adopts six-lane design. After the completion of the Punan Expressway, driving from Pucheng to Fuzhou only takes more than four hours.

The starting point of the Punan Expressway is located in Guanlu Township, Pucheng County, at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang. It is connected to the Huangqu Expressway in Zhejiang Province. It is connected to the Nanping section of the Jingfu Expressway in Yanping District, Nanping. First line. Its construction further improves the transportation conditions in northern Fujian, optimizes the investment environment, drives the development and opening up of the areas along the route, further improves the transportation network of east-west outbound in Fujian Province, and makes Nanping a better interactive development zone for the economic zone on the west side of the Strait and the Yangtze River Delta To undertake the point, radiating inland extension area.

There are a total of 18 231 monitoring transmission points in the entire highway. Each tunnel is mainly responsible for 6 parts: PLC lighting, PLC wind control, PLC lane indication, fire alarm, vehicle detector and information board. A dual-fiber ring network is used from the tunnel to the tunnel entrance computer room, FDU equipment is used from the tunnel entrance computer room to the branch center, fiber optic transceivers are used from the tunnel entrance computer room to the toll station, and FDU equipment or fiber optic transceivers are used from the toll station to the branch center and service area. The backbone network is completed by 9 FDU devices. The above is the use of Omate 6000 equipment from the tunnel to the tunnel room. The Ethernet data collected in the tunnel is transmitted to the fiber transceiver or FDU equipment. Among them, Zhuyuan Tunnel uses 50 Omate 6000 devices to form a ring network, which focuses on the redundancy of industrial Ethernet devices.

Solution advantages

1. Industrial quality, low power consumption fanless design, sturdy and flexible structure, wide temperature and humidity range. Should be able to work under harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, humid heat, strong electromagnetic interference environment.

2. Simple networking, high reliability and high scalability, the system has simple and flexible capacity expansion and intelligent upgrade functions, which is convenient for the continuous expansion of the system.

3. Networking, the site information distributed in various places can be inspected synchronously and in real time through a proprietary communication network.

4. The information resources of each management station can be fully shared with other management systems, and coordinated and coordinated as needed.

5. The good exchange performance of Omate 6000 and the extremely fast self-healing capability of 30ms greatly ensure the reliable and timely transmission of tunnel data. When a fiber breakpoint occurs, the ring network can automatically resume normal work within 30ms.

6. High real-time performance, support fault self-diagnosis function.

7. Support dual power supply redundancy to improve equipment reliability.

8. Omate6000 can divide VLANs according to different services to isolate business data without affecting each other.

9. Omate6000 has a snmp standard network management function, which can manage the network conveniently.

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