Integrated supply of automotive electronic systems becomes a new trend

Integrated supply of automotive electronic systems becomes a new trend

As a perfect combination of the automotive industry and the electronics industry, the development of the automotive electronics industry is more rapid than the automotive market. It is estimated that the annual growth rate in recent years has exceeded 50%, which is an important factor driving the development of the automobile industry. So far, the vast majority of large foreign multinational automotive electronics companies have set up factories in China. In order to further expand its market share in China and develop products that satisfy Chinese automotive customers, it has gradually moved from the initial assembly and production of SKD and CKD to the establishment of a large-scale R & D center in China. Development to almost all automotive electronic products.

Compared with the eye-catching vision of multinational automotive electronics companies, nearly 1,000 automotive electronics companies in China are still in a state of small scale, single product, and low product technology content. However, with the country's emphasis on the automotive electronics industry, the pace of development of China's automotive electronics industry is gradually accelerating. We have also seen that many IT and home appliance companies have begun to get involved in the field of automobiles and automotive electronics. I believe their participation will inevitably have a profound impact on China's automotive electronics. At the same time, some relatively strong domestic automotive electronics companies have begun to penetrate the market previously occupied by foreign automotive electronics companies. We have reason to believe that in a few years' time, there will be a number of strong automotive electronics companies that can stand on the domestic market and develop into the world.

In the next few years, the development of automotive electronics will still focus on automotive networks, communication systems, automotive multimedia, powertrains, chassis control, safety systems, and body control. Body control, as a relatively simple technology and not a characteristic of key components in automobiles, is a priority direction for domestic automotive electronics customers in China.

As the core of automotive electronics, the development of automotive electronics semiconductors is also an indispensable link in automotive electronics. But relative to foreign automotive electronic semiconductor manufacturers, China's automotive electronic semiconductors are still almost zero. For a long time, China's automotive electronics semiconductors will also depend on foreign countries. Automotive electronics semiconductor suppliers are relatively concentrated, with the top 14 automotive electronics semiconductor suppliers accounting for nearly 73% of the market. Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor Division) has a market share of 12.9% and continues to lead the industry with its absolute advantage. At the same time, in order to further consolidate and expand their position in the automotive electronics semiconductor market, while major automotive electronics suppliers continue to introduce new semiconductor products, they are also constantly introducing mature automotive electronics solutions in order to meet the continuous market demand.

It can be said that this is a welcome change for China's automotive electronics market. This will enable Chinese automotive electronics customers to master more advanced automotive electronics technologies as soon as possible and develop technologically advanced automotive electronics products as soon as possible. As a supplier of automotive electronic semiconductors, while providing good semiconductor devices, we must also strive to make ourselves a supplier of automotive electronic system solutions.

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