What should I use for iPhone 7? JDI mass production second generation In-cell panel

Japan's small and medium-sized panel maker Japan Display Inc (JDI) will begin mass production of LCD panels for smart phones using the newly developed second-generation In-cell technology (touch sensor built-in type) this year.

According to the report, JDI currently promotes In-cell technology under the name “Pixel Eyes”, and the second-generation Pixel Eyes, which will begin mass production, has a narrow bezel and high black expression, as well as a wet hand touch. It is not easy to cause malfunctions and features such as lines drawn with a finer electronic pen, and it is estimated that JDI will use the Mobara factory for mass production.

According to the report, In-cell technology will increase the added value of smart phones, lower prices, and make smart phones thinner. Therefore, China's smart phone factory is continuing to expand its adoption. JDI is sold to Chinese wisdom during April-June 2015. In the case of the panel products of the mobile phone factory, the In-cell has a specific gravity of more than 70%. In addition, competitors such as Sharp and LG Display have begun mass production of large-size, high-quality In-cell panels. One step in the industry to differentiate the technology and ensure competitive advantage also forced JDI to rush to mass produce the second generation In-cell smart phone panel products.

In addition to the Chinese factory, JDI is also one of the major panel suppliers for the Apple iPhone, and JDI's second-generation In-cell smartphone panel, which will be in production soon, will also be used on the iPhone 7 expected to be released next year. ?

According to a report published by the fruit powder website macrumors.com, the highly accurate KGI investment industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that the iPhone 7 will break the limit of the thickness of the smart phone body and may approach the iPod touch level. 6-6.5 mm, and in order to achieve the desired body thickness, the iPhone 7 will continue to use the In-Cell panel.

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