Kai Bor F1 Youth Edition 4K box out of the box evaluation

Evaluation Preface

Do you want to own a 4K player? Do you want to own a 3D player? Or do you really want to have a powerful smart web player? However, when you enter any of the above machines in the search engine box, the high prices are daunting. To you who are struggling, Kai Bor is committed to the development and design of high-definition audio and video playback equipment for ten years, advancing with the times, from the past, the local high-definition, 3D players to the stylish 4K smart network player, continue to forge ahead, in the performance gains At the same time, bring a lower price, aiming to provide you with the most intimate products for you and the youth who are struggling.

Kaibor F1 Youth Edition is a product designed specifically for young people, stylish appearance, powerful configuration, both 4K, 3D playback capabilities, equipped with Android 4.4 based on the depth of the development of Alibaba Cloud OS 2.1 native system, bringing video, games, The ultimate user experience in children, shopping and applications 5, and all the functional experience can be obtained only 169 yuan, the cost performance is higher than the same performance products in the industry, the following is the specific parameters of the opener F1 youth version:

Below, please go with the author to learn more about how the next Kai Bo F1 Youth Edition will bring us what kind of cost-effective experience.

Kaibul F1 Youth Edition out of the box evaluation:

Kaibul F1 youth version of the box continues the classic design of Kaibuler box products, blue and white color, simple and bright appearance to meet the fashion style, pull-out design makes the overall design more tidy, no extra "crack" exposed in the eyes of consumers.

On the side is printed the open Bor logo, and the Slogan TV can change its intelligence in one second.

On the other side, there are five features of the open-Boer F1 Youth Edition: high-definition movies, music appreciation, web cloud, dynamic games, and multi-screen interaction.

At the bottom is the relevant information of Kaiboer Technology Co., Ltd. Wechat QR code is also printed here. If the box encounters problems during use, you can get the service in WeChat. At the same time, you can also learn about the latest news of Kebor products in WeChat.

Pull out the inner layer and open it. You can find that the Kai Bol F1 youth version has a very compact layout. The box is divided into upper and lower layers by cardboard. The host is placed on the upper layer, and the lower layer is a remote control, HDMI cable, and power adapter. This design not only can effectively prevent the accessories from colliding with the host and scratch the host, but also can effectively use the space. It is also worth noting that the open-Boer F1 youth version is enveloped by a film bag, in addition to preventing dust from entering the box. Freedom from scratching "accidents" occurs.

In addition to some essential accessories, Kaibul F1 Youth Edition also has some paper documents, including instructions, product certifications, warranty cards and so on.

Kai Bor F1 youth appearance details:

Kaibor F1 Youth Edition adopts a standard set-top box size design with a body size of 180mm130mm30mm. It rejects the popular design of “Iron metal” and integrates curvature into high-quality plastic materials to show a different charm. In addition, the white high-gain dual-antenna terminal and Front black acrylic infrared receiving window, visually create a soft impact, the beauty is more outstanding.

At the top of the pre-acrylic there is a "piece" small gray open Borel LOGO, luxury without publicity.

The smart high-gain dual antenna adopts a fixed 360-degree rotation design and receives network signals from all directions. The signal is more powerful and brings a smooth viewing experience after the wall is turned on.

The top surface is not completely flat, with a slightly raised edge in the middle, with a radian design, and a rounded corner design that effectively prevents right-angle scratches. The side and bottom cover are integrally molded to create a seamless look.

All ports on the KBoer F1 Youth Edition are located on the back. Commonly used interfaces are equipped with CVBS video output, FL/FR audio output, dual USB2.0, reset button, Lan network interface, HDMI output, and power input from left to right. .

Some people may have reservations about the "plastic body heat is not good," but the open bottom of the KBoer F1 Youth Edition is covered with cooling holes, and a gap between the four hard plastic nails and the horizontal plane can create the work of the fuselage. The heat is eliminated in time to ensure long-term operation and long-life operation of the box. In addition, product nameplate information is attached to the center of the bottom, and regular labels such as the serial number and the like are attached to the bottom edge of the product.

Other accessories are shown below:

Remote control standard button: TV learning area + set-top box control area + digital area

Input: 110-240V/1.5A, 50-60Hz, Output: 5V/2A

Kaibul's own HDMI cable

Kai Bor F1 Youth Edition boot settings:

KaiBoer F1 Youth Edition system is equipped with the latest Aliyun OS 2.1 version, the first boot to adapt the TV to do some appropriate adjustments, such as resolution, screen zoom and login, all operations can be in the left column of the home page Settings "Enter to set.

There are four major system settings, namely, network connection (wired and wireless), account and payment (Taobao account login), image and sound (mainly resolution), common settings (mainly system upgrade), because it is Ali cloud OS is Alibaba name products, so KaiBoer F1 youth version can use Taobao account login, the whole machine is applicable, the highest resolution can reach 4K@30Hz, in the viewing time brings the slightest visual impact, the following is the first boot need to do Some basic settings:

Available Taobao account login

Up to 4K resolution output

Screen adjustment

The system firmware is the latest Alibaba Cloud OS version 2.1

Kai Bor F1 youth version equipped with Bluetooth

Kai Bor F1 youth system interface:

Kaibor F1 Youth Edition is equipped with the latest Aliyun OS 2.1 system, and uses its native interface, using the theme of the six-window (recommendations, film and television, games, children, shopping, applications) design, the lower edge of the unique "call it" shortcut , as long as the cursor on the lower edge of the decline, you can call out shortcuts (shortcuts can be customized), in the upper right corner there is a weather forecast, the lower right corner status display.

The system interface uses the native interface of Alibaba Cloud OS 2.1.

The bottom of the "Call it" application shortcut

If you slide the cursor to the left border, you can bring up the 5 options of Apps, Settings, Search (Videos), Notifications, Topics.

5 options for the left border

Here are the movies, games, kids, shopping, application interface:

TV & TV Channel (with TV China TV)

Game Channel

Children Channel

Shopping Channel

Application Channel
Kai Bor F1 youth hardware running points

The Kaibor F1 Youth Edition was developed for young people and has a very large price advantage. Will the manufacturer compromise on performance? The entire space of this article has its own subjective evaluation of the author. In this page, the author will objectively define the software running.

Ann Bunny

Ann Bunny is a software that professionally tests the ratings of mobile phones and tablet computers. It can perform UE testing (multitasking and virtual machines), overall CPU performance testing, RAM memory test testing, 2D/3D graphics performance testing, and data storage I/O. Performance testing, consumers can have a grasp of the device as a whole through security Bunny test software.

Ann Bunny runs 13683 points


Vellamo is a benchmark application that tests the device's JS, HTML5 capabilities, where the HTML5 module can be used to evaluate mobile web browser performance, and the Metal module can measure the performance of mobile processor CPU subsystems. Vellamo can evaluate scroll scaling, 3D graphics, video performance, memory reads and writes, bandwidth peak performance, and more.

Vellamo: HTML5 runs into 911, Metal runs into 417


NenaMark2 is a hardware acceleration benchmark program for Android devices that tests the graphics capabilities of mobile phones by demonstrating a real-time rendering screen, including reflections, dynamic shadows, surface parameters, complex light patterns, etc., and requires Android 2.0 The above system and OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

NenaMark2 test result: 50.0fps

From the results of Ann Bunny's running, the 13,683-point run price appears to be extremely advantageous in similar products at a price of 169 yuan. In addition, the 50fps screen performance can be very good in the game. Experience.

Kai Bor F1 Youth Online Video

Online video

With the arrival of Alibaba Cloud OS 2.1 system, Hua Digital TV has also undergone a brand-new upgrade, with a built-in TBO Tmall cinema. The paid TV programs of Hua Count TV can be paid directly through Taobao, deepening the number of Chinese, Taobao, and Ali Cloud OS. Relationship. After becoming a TBO Tmall cinema member, you can enjoy over a thousand global movies, hundreds of singles, limited-time movie coupons, and exclusive VIP membership privileges. The charge is divided into blue diamonds, red diamonds, and silver. Drills, diamonds and four levels of membership, enjoy a maximum of 1 yuan to watch unobstructed online video.

The author browses the built-in HUAQi TV resources under the KaiBoer F1 Youth Edition. The latest and most popular movies, TV series, variety shows, and animations all have fun. The proportion of free on-demand and pay-on-demand is more than 50%. For general family viewing requirements, free on-demand Enough to meet.

China TV also provides some viewing aids such as movie search and historical viewing so that users can quickly find the desired content.

Now let's go with the author to experience the online viewing experience brought about by the new version of WCDMA TV:

Small screen to watch "Little Yellow Man"

Watch "Little Yellow Man" in Full Screen

Presentation of menu adjustment options in a floating layer during playback

Kaibol F1 youth version decoding:

In addition to the KBO F1 Youth Edition, which has the latest Chinese TV number to support the online play of the "half of the country," the remaining "half of the country" will have a number of powerful local decoding capabilities. The Kaibol F1 Youth Edition supports 4K decoding and playback, and supports 3D playback. Even Blu-ray ISO playback is a breeze. The following is the author's support for the various package formats currently available through Anan rabbit video tests:

Details are organized as follows:

The following is the author through the actual 4K video, H.265 hard solution playback test, the effect of leverage, the picture quality is very delicate, very high definition, and does not stop, automatic player supports subtitles, audio track switching, even the subtitles Position and color can also be customized.

4K video test

Hard solution H.265 test

Player comes with floating layer function options

Kai Bor F1 youth version of multi-screen interactive

As a standard on Alibaba Cloud OS, Ali TV Assistant is a very new multi-screen interactive software with a very good user experience. It can achieve almost all operations on the mobile phone to the box. Multi-screen interactive QR code scanning box, mobile phone download and install "Ali TV Assistant" to ensure that the box and mobile phone in the same LAN can automatically identify and interconnect.

After the "Ali TV Assistant" is interconnected with the box, you can browse the popular movies, applications, games and other resources on the mobile phone, push it to the box side to play and install/start, and virtual 5 types of digital remote control (key remote control, touch) Screen remote control, somatosensory remote control, game pad, steering wheel), and can project local multimedia (pictures, videos, music) to the box side play, different from other boxes multi-screen interactive function is that if the box side needs to enter text can also By entering on the phone, the function is still very powerful.

Best selling movie browsing and push play:

Application/Game Browsing and Push Installation:

Virtual 5 Digital Remote Control:

Kai Bol F1 youth version of other special applications:

Aliyun OS distinguishes itself from other systems. Its unique advantage is that it integrates five commonly used modules: film and television, games, children, shopping, and applications. The interface of the system can be entered at any time into secondary pages. The logic classification is very clear. It is easy for new users or veterans to enjoy Alibaba Cloud OS. Film and TV is the number of TV mentioned above, the following author will briefly introduce games, children, shopping, application channels.

Game Channel:

Built-in game lobby, classification is very comprehensive, including new games, remote control games, chess board games, somatosensory games, handle games, can be adapted to "Ali TV Assistant" virtual remote control to use, eliminating the need for users to purchase the game device's overhead, with A brand new gaming experience.

Games Lobby

Children's Channel:

The children's channel is very rich in content, from 0-14 years old content rating, classification content has two levels of classification, for children of different ages fit more accurate content delivery, mainly in the number of TV video on demand to display educational content, and there are Options such as "my", "history," and auxiliary video viewing.

Children's Hall

The second-level classification aims at more accurate content delivery for children of different ages.

Shopping Channel:

The shopping channel can be described as the exclusive content of Alibaba Cloud OS. TV Taobao and the box have achieved system level integration. The entire shopping process is very simple and the payment is simple. Moreover, the whole family can enjoy the joy of sharing online shopping in the living room.

TV Taobao

4-step TV shopping easy to achieve

App channel:

Built-in application center, there are four categories of applications, games, education, special topics, and can be edited by the application center off all applications in the Bor F1 Youth Edition, enough to meet the daily needs of users.

application Center
General evaluation evaluation:

In the current network set-top box industry, a wide variety of set-top boxes are in full glory. They are facing a compromise between price and performance. The competition between formal and fortress, want to have a cost-effective OTT box that is notorious for its superiority. However, it is not easy at all. Kai Bor F1 Youth Edition came into being under such a big environment. You, a young man, are still fighting for you.

Kaibul F1 youth version of the security Bunny Run is divided into law-abiding 13,683 points, but thanks to the depth optimization of hardware and software, and equipped with the latest Aliyun OS 2.1 operating system, the overall fluency in the system is still quite satisfactory, can fully competent The needs of film and television, children, and shopping, and the adaptation of "Ali TV Assistant" to the game is even more a game experience that "has a good taste in mind." The only downside is that because of its positioning in the “Youth Edition”, there is still a slight concession in the hardware configuration. It is still handy for dealing with daily games. If you encounter a large-scale TV 3D game, it is still a bit difficult.

In general, Kaibor F1 Youth Edition built-in genuine broadcast control, and equipped with the new Alibaba Cloud OS 2.1 system, a collection of film and television, games, shopping, children's education in one, to the price of 169 yuan "second kill" with the price OTT box products, you are worth have.

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