Big head also has great wisdom three large-screen high-end 4K TV configuration features comparison

Audio and video in one Sony X9400C

Speaking of high-end TV, we must not mention Sony. From Sony's first 4K TV X9000, which shocked everyone's attention in 2012, to today's introduction of this 4K new X9400C, Sony has never been short of high-end TV in these years. The X9400C debuted at CES this year. As the top flagship product in 2015, the X9400C has undoubtedly become the strongest picture player in the new family.
Sony X9400C is equipped with a unique 4K sharp image processing engine PRO, through the sampling optimization to improve the picture sharp and detailed images, and improve noise and image clarity. In addition, the X9400C also supports Sony's Terri color technology, which can bring better color gamut performance, while the natural light control technology will not fall naturally, but behind the scenes to drive this all official Sony 4K image processing chip X1.

In audio technology, the X9400C supports Sony's Hi-Res high-resolution audio technology. At the same time, its equipped magneto-fluid speaker boasts wideband, ultra-fast response speed and clear sound quality. In the professional audio field, Sony will naturally not have natural speakers. Inferior.

The Android 5.0 system tailor-made for TV first landed on the 2015 Sony TV line.

The new TV is equipped with the new Android 5.0 system. The so-called smart TV, the core is the operating system, and when it comes to the operating system, the introduction of the Android 5.0 system makes the X9400C become more intelligent, the new system can easily enjoy a large number of different types of APP programs, fully meet the daily needs of smart life, while compatible with Sony Touch remote control or many external devices, the system is simple and fast, while maintaining a strong hardware expansion.

Android 5.0 is a smart operating system optimized for TV platforms. Compared with others, the X9400C uses an Android 5.0 custom system for TVs, which has better system fluency, especially the introduction of pre-compilation technology to optimize software startup. Speed, while there is a better optimization mechanism for large applications Android 5.0. In addition, the Android 5.0 system also makes improvements to the consumption modules of the TV platform, making online shopping and payment of the system more convenient and safe, and fully fitting the needs of large-screen smart TVs. The application of the X9400C is even more powerful.

At the same time X9400C also introduced a new operating interface, the new interface to the content as the core, more simple and intuitive. With the smart sorting system, you can quickly find various APP programs that you use everyday. In addition, with the built-in Hua Digital TV platform, the X9400C can watch large-scale movie movies without leaving the home, and the X9400C can be said to have reached the mainstream level in terms of video resources.

Compared to many domestic enterprises, the Sony X9400C pays more attention to system optimization and user experience. At the same time, the newly developed processor and display technology have also been further developed. In addition, Sony has a high pursuit of audio technology and technology extension. This is the Japanese company has always grasp the core technology and user experience style, the current price of X99400C is 47,999 yuan, in the 75-inch high-end smart TV market can be described as very competitive.

Extreme viewing experience Samsung JS9900

Although Samsung was a little accomplished in the era of the CRT, it was not really a technology stream compared with Japanese companies at the time. After entering the LCD era, Samsung began to rise with a panel maker and achieved certain success.

JS9900 is Samsung's high-end TV product. In addition to 4K resolution, it also uses a curved panel design. According to Samsung, the JS9900 series of televisions can bring an immersive and superior visual experience to you. Enjoy exciting pictures. Ultra-high-definition curved screens have better curvature and provide better viewing distances. In addition, it provides a consistent, balanced perspective that allows easy viewing of all areas of the screen.

Samsung JS9900 based on quantum dot backlight technology, a new generation of backlight technology to drive the light emitted by the next panel eye-catching, so that the color is particularly accurate and vivid. The color is gorgeous, the black is deeper, the white is purer, and the picture is natural and vivid.

At the same time, the introduction of the superior peak light control technology improves the brightness of the LED backlight in the bright area of ​​the screen and thus increases the brightness of the area. When the brightness of the dark area of ​​the screen is increased, it is as if the city street lights illuminate the entire city.

In 2015, all Samsung Smart TVs carry the Tizen operating system. The Tizen system is an open platform that supports the development of web standards for TV applications. Samsung's new Smart TV platform based on the Tizen system not only has many new features, but also creates a more intuitive way for content acquisition, a more complete entertainment experience, and a richer selection of content for consumers. However, at present, applications and content are relatively few, and Android platforms have less mature ecosystems.

JS9900 as Samsung's flagship this year can be described as very strong technology, the combination of quantum dots and 4K curved screen in the image sensory indeed has its place, in similar size on the Samsung JS9900 price reached 71999 yuan, it is highly ridiculous. The operation of Korean companies on the market and the Japanese companies’ research on core technologies reflect the biggest difference between the two.

Domestic rise Hisense XT910

When it comes to high-end televisions, Hisense can be said to be the fastest growing domestic brand in recent years. Dongfeng Hisense of smart TVs has played ULED series television and achieved certain results. The new second-generation ULED TVs launched this year are again Product positioning has been pushed to new heights, and the advent of the XT910 series means that the Chinese people have the capital to challenge the giants of Japan and South Korea.

Like the Samsung JS9900, the Hisense XT910 is also a 4K surface with quantum dot technology. The 65-inch XT910 is priced at only 18,999 yuan, which is much cheaper than the JS9900.

In the technology Shanghai Quanxin Quantum Dot Technology, quantum dot backlight technology can effectively improve the performance of the color gamut of the panel. Compared to traditional white LED backlight sources, the color gamut performance of quantum dot technology can usually exceed 100% NTSC, and this is traditional Backlighting technology is hard to catch up with.

In addition to the high color gamut, the XT910 is also equipped with a multi-zone lighting technology. With this technology, the TV area will be more accurate, with darker black areas and improved contrast performance. At the same time, the HiVies Art Deco engine matched with it can optimize the details of the image. The picture is more beautiful and the details are more outstanding.

In addition, the XT910 also has a regional peak brightness enhancement and dark field control technology, which is a beautiful picture and a clearer hierarchy. On the other hand, the MEMC technology unique to Hisense's high-end TVs has also been introduced and upgraded to the PRO version. The new technology can be used as a precondition for backlight scanning. Adults reduce the delay and fragmentation of motion pictures. They are used in high-speed sports such as football and racing. Keep it fluid.

I remember after evaluating the XT910, the author had a lot of goodwill on this TV, in addition to the screen color and accuracy, the MEMC technology brought about by the movement scene optimization function is also very good, when watching the action movie with 65-inch large Curved screen, close-range viewing experience does have a good expression, but this TV although the price is relatively affordable, but the system experience is relatively common, mainly the system interface is too gloomy, and video decoding capabilities are also lacking, especially SSA The lack of /ASS subtitles makes it difficult to perform video playback.

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