Bewa Baby: Early childhood education expert

"Do not let children lose at the starting line" has become the consensus of many parents, early education has thus become a focus of attention of many entrepreneurs and capital has been the industry. Benefiting from the increasingly young age of online communities, huge children and even young children are becoming new growth points for the Internet. If the popularity of tablets and smart phones is taken into consideration, the integration of mobile Internet and early childhood education will become a new direction.

At this juncture, there are always Internet companies involved in the field of early childhood education, and Beva is such a business. Xiao Bian has had the privilege of experiencing an early education machine introduced by Beva, which is called "Beva Baby Bluetooth Story Machine". Habit of evaluation TV box Xiaobian, first experience Beva baby, think it is quite interesting, the children must like to play.

First, appearance

The users of Beva's baby are 0-6 years old babies. The attention of children in this age group is not easy to concentrate, and they are easily attracted by bright colors. The baby Beva adopts the Beaver's famous mascot Beaver shape, the main color yellow, with blue headphones, bright and lively, very cute.

There are not many components in the box, except for the baby Beva, the charger, data cable, manual and membership card provided by Beva. The membership card can be purchased on the Beva official website (http://), and Beva offers high quality content such as massive games, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and comics.

The slogan of Bewa's baby is "Baby's first friend." Obviously small babies can also play. Taking into account the special physiological characteristics of babies, the production standards are very strict. Beva baby looks with medical silicone material, non-toxic and odorless, while protecting and at the same time fear the baby's bite; the appearance of the fuselage is soft and smooth without edges and corners, to prevent the baby's delicate skin from being scratched, but also resistance to fall. The picture shows a side view of the baby Beva.

The colors of the earphones on the small beaver band are different on both sides, blue on the left and red on the right.

The Beva baby's tail uses a silicone nipple, which is soft when squeezed, and it also makes funny sounds. It is very appealing to children.

The Beiwa Baby Bluetooth Story Machine has a built-in lithium polymer battery that uses USB charging and has a charging port under the Beaver's left earphone. The charging port is placed in such a hidden position, naturally it is to prevent the metal part from stabbing to the baby and it can be seen by the designers. Since it is a Bluetooth story machine, as the name suggests, its built-in Bluetooth module, installed in the mobile phone (Android or iPhone) "Bevac listening to" application, can use the phone to play and control, at this time the Beva baby Bluetooth storytelling is acting as a Bluetooth Sound use.

Its four operation buttons (power, soft light, Bluetooth, and volume lock) are hidden at the bottom to prevent your baby from mistaken. The TF slot is also screwed to prevent accidental swallowing. Here to explain what is the volume lock button, after the parent set up the volume of Beva's baby, you can press this button to lock the volume, to prevent the baby from touching the sound suddenly increase, suddenly be turned up by the volume, but also can To protect the baby's hearing, this design is still very human.

In order to develop the baby's sensitivity to things and promote the development of the baby's vision, the baby Beva comes with two soft lights. Soft light buttons are still at the bottom. The soft light turns on and the Bevac baby's headphones on both sides will light up. The reason why it is called "soft light" is because the light is soft, it will not hurt the baby's vision, but also can attract the baby's attention, kill two birds with one stone.

The baby's headphone is still the action button at the same time: The red star light on the left earphone is the switch key, press and can switch over the column repeatedly. There are currently nine sections to choose from: Beva's song, Beva Story House, Beva School, Happy English, casual listening, listening before going to bed, listening on the road, listening and collecting lists; the right side of Beva's baby The "+" and "-" keys on the headset are the volume keys, which can adjust the volume of the Beva baby. Combining the design of these four buttons and headphone is relatively hidden. It is speculated that the designer's thinking is the actual operation ability of the little baby. Just listen and play on the line. The specific operation is still completed by the parents.

The shape and function of the Beva baby is roughly the same. Xiao Bian thinks that the baby Bawa's idea of ​​several hidden key design keys is very good. It meets the physiological characteristics of the baby in the corresponding age stage. If the child is slightly older, he will find out the function. It will be a very interesting thing.

Second, Beva related

Beva baby is actually a relatively simple toy for children, what really is powerful is a series of content and platform provided by Beva. Download Beva Listen App and Beva Song App on your mobile phone, connect your mobile phone to Bluetooth via Bluetooth, and push content to Beva. Bevac baby by default, a boot will automatically play MP3 files, mostly children's songs, Tang poetry reading, storytelling and so on. Of course, similar content like this kid Beva is very rich in the relevant platform, enough to meet the parents' download needs.

Beva Songs Mobile Edition, in addition to Bevac listen to the mobile version.

Beva Songs TV is suitable for children playing in the living room. A few days later is the Mid-Autumn Festival. BeVA children's song TV version of the home page has been launched on the Mid-Autumn Festival album, the contents of cute and entertaining, entertaining, children when they read the Mid-Autumn Festival to understand the story.

Beva official website, a paradise for early childhood content. At the content level, Beva established cooperative relationships with Beijing Normal University, children's song creators, etc., and continued to present original children's songs. These songs are related to many of the children's life scenes, such as bathing, brushing, getting up, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of entertaining. A random membership card from Bewa can be purchased here.

Baby Beva is now open for ordering on Beva Web (http://), Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, ordering and buying one get two free activities, friends with needs may wish to pay attention to it, at this time the purchase price is still quite high .

To sum up, BewBas is a very interesting educational toy, cleverly designed, using non-toxic green materials, in line with children's physiological characteristics. Beva baby is priced at 299 yuan, if it is just a simple early education machine is a little expensive, but relying on the early education content of Bevara, combined with Beva mobile phone, PC, TV and other platforms, Beva baby is undoubtedly a Early childhood artifacts.

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