17TV 50S9i 4K Smart TV Tasting Sharing (Out of Box + Experience)

Today we are talking about smart home related products. Although the concept of smart home has long been scrambled, but the related products are not many, and many products are still in the test stage, the technology and the entire supply chain are not mature enough, The author thinks that to be mature and to be widely accepted by users, smart TVs must be one of them. Can someone think that smart TV is not a smart home product, not a smart TV? In fact, it is not such an understanding. TV has become a new entrance to smart homes. Look at applications such as shopping, social networking, and games that have been integrated into smart TVs. Users can interact with TVs to achieve services related to food, clothing, housing, and transportation. , user interaction, and benefits chain, this is not smart home products? !

Back to the topic, this article to share with everyone is Lenovo's independent Internet TV brand 17TV 50S9i 4K smart TV, Lenovo as the global computer market leader, has a mature market share and brand influence, and from recent development trends And the acquisition of Motorola's mobile business, it is to see Lenovo's ambition to build an ecosystem. What kind of attitude will this 17TV, which is a strong brand, take up in the ecosystem's new entrance smart TV business? So let's see if we can find out through this 17TV 50S9i 4K smart TV experience sharing.

Regarding the 17TV Internet TV brand, I do not want to introduce too much. The above picture can tell everyone what I want to know.

The 17TV 50S9i products are very well packed with traditional kraft paper, but they are very innovative in design.

The creativity of the design is mainly reflected in the design of stamps and postmarks. It perfectly fits the 17TV TV brand slogan: Love is together. Designers are very ideological, it is estimated that also spent a lot of thought.

There is a sticker about the product on the packaging, gross weight 21.7KG, no wonder so heavy, it is estimated that TV work materials are also good.

Some humanized reminders on the packaging, because this packaging structure design is also very unique, so remind everyone to be careful when unpacking, and unpacking steps.

Follow the prompts to first remove the four fixed plastic snaps under the package.

Then remove the upper part of the package, we can see that this packaging design is a result of what kind of it, this designer is indeed very powerful.

Just wondering if this TV has no accessories? All the original accessories were placed in the foam under the TV.

Accessories for the two brackets and a small box containing remote controls, video cables, silk, batteries and other gadgets.

Then install the TV bracket, there is a distinction between the left and right brackets so do not worry about errors, very user-friendly details of the design.

Bracket installation renderings, quite beautiful, the white button next to the left bracket is the TV's power switch, hidden well without affecting the overall aesthetic effect. At the same time, we also saw a large number of cooling holes underneath the TV. It is estimated that the back of the TV will be a one-piece design, so the cooling holes are designed below.

After both brackets are installed, the TV finally stands up. The protagonist is about to make a debut.

Tossed for a long time finally saw the protagonist, and the first impression of the 17TV 50S9i is very good, one sense of strong, high value, exquisite fashion home range of children, while the champagne gold frame design is even more high-end atmosphere on the level .
17TV 50S9i uses 50 inches 16:9 LCD screen design, 38402160 4K resolution display, dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1, looking forward to excellent visual effects.

The reason why it has a strong sense of unity is because the 50S9i is very narrow in the design of the frame, visually measuring 1~2cm, the screen has a very high proportion, and there are such excellent visual effects.

Relative to the front design of the fuselage thickness will be another major highlight of television, leading the mainstream of ultra-thin TV.

TV host thickness design side effect display.

17TV 50S9i back design is also very simple and capable, white + champagne gold color is very grade, and the white back shell part also uses a special cloth pattern treatment, it brought so high-end visual experience, thus avoiding a large area of ​​pure white back shell Affects the overall visual effect.

TV interface is very rich, including USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, SD card slot, component / video input interface, headphones, cable TV interface, network port, and maintenance-specific interface to meet the needs of different users, practicality Very strong.

Seeing this design feels really intimate, bought too many home appliances, the power cords are placed in the packaging, and a cable tie is used here to tie the power cords together very well, very clean and beautiful. , this detail design had to point a big praise!

Close-up of 17TV brand logo below the front of the TV.

The 17TV 50S9i this product design made a more detailed introduction, I believe we have a preliminary understanding of this product, then share the use of feelings, you must first remove the old TV on the wall in service first, the old The TV design is definitely out of the 50S9i.

There are no tools on the hand, so the wall hangings of the old TV can't be removed. It feels like it affects the image, but it can only be ignored.

17TV 50S9i placed in the living room is not very grade ah, but also with the author's home decoration style quite match it!

In front of the introduction of the product also missed a protagonist: remote control, but this gadget also adds a lot of experience points for the TV, the shape design is based on ergonomics, so it has a very comfortable feel, color matching with the TV host White + champagne gold echoes, very delicate and beautiful.

The feel of this remote controller is not at all comparable to that of a conventional remote controller. It is not a grade at all, and it is mainly due to this unique curved design.

The boot screen design shows 17TV brand logo + love together slogan, concise.

There are two transition screens after the logo screen: Discovering together and having fun together are also product ideas that 17TV wants to convey to users.

Around the product idea mentioned above, I also made a special video, which is very good.

Then there is a selection interface for TV placement. The user needs to choose the actual way to put it.
Here I have to mention another point, another surprise brought by the remote control. The remote control has a mouse-like cursor on the TV. The operation principle is the same as that of the mouse. It is very convenient and practical.

Next is to choose a wireless network and connect normally.

The most to a prompt interface: Please wait, the wonderful immediately presented, from the user experience point of view, many details are very intimate design, at least for the author to leave a very good impression.

After the boot animation and basic settings entered the TV UI main interface, this interface is officially called the "sandwich" UI interface, is a custom system based on Ali YunOS depth optimization, integration of TV live, video, game applications, three major functions, Mainly reflected in the user's operation is more simple and quick.

17TV 50S9i color performance is also very good, true color reproduction, bright and transparent, vivid and delicate details of the texture, giving a very comfortable visual experience, of course, these must be attributed to outstanding 4K screen.

The first screen of the UI is the VOD online live interface. 17TV integrates BesTV, iQiyi, Ali and other video resources. Currently, the total video program time reaches 800,000 hours.

Locally expands the application's main interface. Users can install shopping, entertainment, game-related applications, and enter the product setting interface according to their needs.

Above each main interface we see the three icons shown in the figure above. The first icon needless to say we all know that the cleaning process accelerates the system.

The second Tiger icon is Tiger Mode, and is a major highlight of the 17TV 50S9i. Listening to this name should also be thought of as a design for children. In this mode, the screen can automatically adjust the intensity of the blue light and reduce the TV screen. Damage to children's glasses, while parents can use software settings to achieve accurate control of the child's television time, and set the child's viewing rights.

After clicking on the mode icon, it will enter the picture above, which is a brief introduction to the Tiger Mode.

Then there will be a setting screen, fill in the baby's basic information and playback time settings.

Opening the Tiger Mode will pop up the "Open Eye Protection" dialog box.

Needless to say, all of them are cartoons. There are also different age groups. The resources are very rich. Popular cartoons can be seen.

There is also a verification dialog when exiting Tiger Mode, which is interesting.

The last one of the three icons just mentioned is a speech icon. Think about it should be related to language. The result is that when you move the remote control over it, it's like “thinking girl”. I really don’t understand why it’s called the “thinking girl” name. How do you understand this meaning?

By the way, we will introduce the information related to the product settings. The above figure shows all the setting options. The simple ones are not introduced.

Mainly talk about GM, which includes boot display, timing shutdown, audio output, and basic information settings.

Audiovisual mode settings, this is equivalent to the scene mode, according to the user's use of the scene to select the appropriate mode.

Application management is the operation of third-party applications.

In the introduction, so many have not introduced the hardware yet, because the current product is not the era of hardware performance, and the excellent experience is the king. The 50S9i is equipped with a dual-core ARM Cortex A17-based MT5861 processor, Mali-450 graphics processor, 2GB high-speed DDR3 memory, 8GB eMMC5.0 flash memory, H.265 intelligent decoding, and a built-in Soundbar that supports Dolby & DTS. Only from the hardware performance quite satisfactory, can only say enough, I believe that as long as the operation does not get stuck on the line, 4 nuclear 8-core are gimmicks.

Since we mentioned the hardware performance, we must mention the 50S9i 4K video playback, as long as the 4K video is not stress, I believe other applications are no problem.

Unfortunately, the "sandwich" UI interface has not been specifically partitioned for 4K video resources. It can only be found by searching. It is possible to use just one language system and try out language recognition.

The 4K video of Beijing Peking Duck is believed to be familiar to everyone. Perfect broadcast has no pressure, indicating that the hardware performance is absolutely sufficient, but here we must particularly remind that because 4K resources are relatively large, the buffer time is relatively long, Therefore, when playing 4K video, don't mistakenly think that the network buffer is not enough for hardware performance.

Now that you've talked about hardware performance, try playing games again, download a few ranking games, and run without stress.

The opening article also mentioned the integration of smart TV and the mobile industry, so by the way, we briefly introduced the WeChat assistant. A simple understanding is that we can control the TV through WeChat.

Click on the WeChat Assistant will pop up the process of scanning the QR Code dialog box and binding the WeChat and mobile phone.

Scan the QR code to bind the user's WeChat and TV. It is very convenient and convenient. After the binding is successful, it will also receive the relevant operation instructions sent by the 17TV.

The most useful function is to be able to push favorite applications through the WeChat to TV installation, very humane?

The Lenovo 17TV 50S9i 4K smart TV has done a very detailed sharing of the above, including the shape design, details of the workmanship, UI interface, system optimization and so on, in general, the author left a more profound impression, especially in the details The performance of the author has been praised many times, especially the design of tiger and mother pattern, it is very practical in a smart home product, if the details can really determine the success or failure, I believe that 17TV is getting closer and closer to success, the Lenovo ecosystem has come more and more The more perfect!

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