Jimei Decoration and two major projects compete for the 2015 Golden Globe Award

[Text / high-tech LED Gan Qin] Recently, Guangdong Province Jimei Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jimei Decoration") design director Li Weiqiang revealed to the Gaogong Golden Globe Awards Organizing Committee that the company will carry "Nansha Biwawan Bilingual Kindergarten "And "Xingfang Innovation Workshop" two projects, competing for the 2015 Engineering Excellence Award of the Year.

Li Weiqiang said that with the establishment of the Nansha Port Free Trade Zone and the rapid development of the urban transportation network, a large number of new immigrants looking for business opportunities are rapidly influx, and the construction of various public facilities (such as medical care, education, pension, etc.) is lagging behind. There is a huge gap between supply and demand, especially in early childhood education.

In this context, the “Nansha Tung Wan Bilingual Kindergarten” project not only needs to use the existing objective conditions to meet the strict requirements of the norms, but also must explore the potential of space to accommodate more students to alleviate the local need for admission. At the same time, to make the space observable and interesting is the special place in the design and positioning of this case. In addition, because the owner of this case is extremely stubborn and superstitious, the aesthetic vision is very different from the designer. Therefore, how to balance the use of functions, regulatory requirements, visual effects and the personal preferences of the owners, so that the smooth progress of the project has become a unique and arduous task of this case.

Nansha Biwawan Bilingual Kindergarten Project

Li Weiqiang said that in order to eliminate the safety hazards in the activity area, the designers used the following methods: (1) All the grounds were laid with adhesive-free adhesive to minimize the harm of formaldehyde to children, which is comfortable and environmentally friendly. (2) Free use of glass, stone and other fragile, hard materials, all the corners of the wall are wrapped in anti-collision leather soft bag, effectively protecting children from collision damage. (3) All lights are LED light source, and the lamp cups are all equipped with anti-glare cover to avoid direct eye damage to children. (4) All mobile furniture should be customized into the furniture factory and then come back to install. Try to avoid the occurrence of toxic exhaust gas and dust on the construction site, which will have adverse consequences for the future use of the classroom.

Li Weiqiang introduced that another project, Xingfang Innovation Workshop, was transformed from a waste warehouse in Xingfang Huaqiao Warehouse. “Compared with other similar projects, the project has the characteristics of greater freedom of transformation. Designers plan the construction, structure, interior and lighting design according to functional requirements, which greatly enhances the integrity of the space and reduces the cause. The waste caused by repeated construction is not in place."

Star Square Innovation Workshop Project

“Because the project is designed from the interior to the interior, the designer has a lot of freedom in space layout. I can choose the most suitable way to reasonably arrange Party A’s requirements and make the space interesting and The meaning is not only the addition of the mezzanine, but also the addition of a roof viewing platform, allowing employees to enjoy the "invincible river view" in addition to the intense work, thus greatly improving the practicality and observability of the space." Li Weiqiang said .

In addition, because the project base is long and narrow, the designer sets two light-transparent hollows in the plane entrance and the middle, which makes the space have a rhythm of relaxation and undulation. In view of the fact that the original building was a warehouse, there was a problem of insufficient lighting. The designer added two slope-top glass sheds between the original three-slope tops, which not only solved the functional problems of space lighting, but also completed an old and new construction form. Dialogue.

“Finally, the top of the green atrium is the added ladder well. The light introduced from the top glass shed makes the atrium full of vitality, realizing the indiscriminate integration between indoor and outdoor. Cement, old red bricks, gray tiles are still buildings and indoors. The main material, the addition of the colored glass shed, which is divided by the Mondrian geometric paintings, adds a sense of rationality and vitality to the thick and pristine historical buildings. The sunlight is projected through the primary colors such as red, yellow and blue, forming a A colorful picture of ever-changing amplitude," Li Weiqiang said.

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