What high-tech features are available in cars now?

The automotive industry's reliance on technology is constantly improving, and manufacturers are also trying to integrate various high-tech functions into their products to facilitate their daily use. This year, the new models promoted by major auto manufacturers will naturally bring more technical features, and this article will be the most anticipated one for an inventory.

1. Cadillac camera rearview mirror

The new Cadillac CT6 is the first car to feature this innovative feature. The user can switch between the normal rearview mirror and the camera's real-time screen, while the latter provides a wider field of view and is not obscured by the interior of the car or the head of the rear passenger. In addition to the CT6, this feature will also be used by the Chevrolet Bolt electric car.

2. Mazda retractable fast back

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a new car unveiled at this year's New York Auto Show. Not only does it have a stunning design, it also attracts a lot of curious eyes. Some people want to know how its electric retractable fast back will affect the head space. Others are curious about the noise situation at high speed and, more importantly, how its weight affects its own driving personality.

3. Ford Pro Trailer reversing aid

Ford's new F-150 wants to make it easy to reverse the pickup truck with the new reversing aid. Just press the knob corresponding to this function, it will automatically reverse the direction when reversing. When reversing, this feature automatically controls the direction of the car, ensuring that the trailer is flush and moving in the right direction.

4. Lincoln 30-way adjustable seat

Lincoln's new 30-way electric adjustable seat offers an unprecedented level of personalization that perfectly fits the back curvature of any passenger. This feature will be the first to join the Lincoln ConTInental large sedan to provide the most comfortable support for passengers.

5. BMW remote valet parking assist

Many cars now have automatic parking, and future car technology will provide their own valet parking. The driver can get off the bus immediately after arriving at the destination, and the car can drive to the parking lot and find the parking space. After the event is finished, the driver simply calls the car to come to him by button or application. This remote valet parking feature will soon be owned by BMW, Tesla and Volkswagen.

6. Volvo Pilot Assist 2

Volvo's S90 sedan will be the first to have a standard autonomous driving technology that directs the car on a marked highway to keep it in its own lane and maintain a safe distance from the car ahead – these Driver intervention is not required at all.

7. Ford drift mode

The comfort experience of autonomous driving technology is worth looking forward to, but the drift mode of the Ford Focus RS is even more exciting. With performance tuning for all-wheel drive systems, its drift mode feature makes it easier to sneak your car.

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