43 inch millet TV 3S FAQ

1799 yuan millet TV 3S43 inch: small size high-end flagship TV! Metal ultra-thin, metal back, fusion of the ultimate technology and appearance. The aluminum alloy frame is only 10.9mm thick, 24.8% thinner than the previous 40 inches, and 6% lighter. It is only 9.32Kg, and its bending rate is lower than 1.5%. It is both thin and tough. The plug was jointly developed with Volex and it was reworked 12 times. March 31 on sale!

43-inch millet TV 3S FAQ

Q1: How thin is the 43-inch millet TV 3S? Does the sister move?

A1: The 43-inch millet TV 3S weighs only 9.2kg, and its thinnest thickness is 10.9mm, which is extremely light and thin.

Q2: Which vendor is the screen for the 43-inch millet TV 3S?

A2: Millet TV 3S 43-inch, using LG/AUO original LCD screen, using its own research and development of side-entry backlight, R & D personnel redesigned the LED material and crystal arrangement for the screen, and reached the second-level energy efficiency standards.

Q3: When will the 43-inch millet TV 3S be sold?

A3: As early as 10:00 on March 31, Xiaomi.com's entire network starts, so stay tuned!

Q4: Does the 43-inch millet TV 3S have an external subwoofer?

A4: Yes, Xiaomi TV home audio can support 43 吋 millet TV 3S, purchase link → http://list.mi.com/accessories/tag?id=yinxiang

Q5: Does the 43-inch millet TV 3S have a metal frame?

A5: is a metal, precise border seam process control the gap below 0.2mm.

Q6: What are the interfaces of 43-inch millet TV 3S? Support USB3.0?

A6: 43-inch millet TV 3S is equipped with 2 HDMI interfaces and 1 AV input interface for transferring contents such as computers or game consoles; 2 USB interfaces (including a USB 3.0) can be connected to U disk and mobile hard disk as The external storage device of the TV can play video, music and photos smoothly. The whole family can share on the big screen. Support wired network connection, of course, can also connect to the network through WiFi; support ARC or S/PDIF audio output, can connect the power amplifier And stereo.

Q7: Does 43-inch millet TV 3S support wall hanging?

A7: Yes, if you want to hang the TV on the wall, just make an appointment with our rack service when you buy the TV. Everything will be easy.

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