How to Use Millet TV to Access Files in Our Mobile Phone

We do not know if this is the case? There are video pictures or some files in the mobile phone. Open the video picture and think that their own mobile phone screen is too small to watch. How can you move directly to the millet TV? And I want to open that video to open the video. I want to check the data inside the mobile phone and check the data in the mobile phone. This is more convenient. I also had such confusion, but what I would like to say now is to solve our confusion and directly use Xiaomi TV to access the files in our mobile phones. How to operate? We first download the sofa butler and then click on the search icon

In the search interface marked "ES" will jump out of the ES file management, directly click on the installation, we want to access the phone inside the file, you have to help us through the ES file manager to complete

After installation is complete, open the ES File Manager and select the network's FTP here

Click FTP, the interface is blank, we directly click on the "New" below

Clicking New will pop up what you want to create. We will be creating a new FTP, and we will definitely choose the first one.

In the interface will see the new FTP server, and then look at the fill in the server and port, etc., first regardless of him, then our mobile phone is playing.

The same is true for mobile phones. Once installed, open the ES file manager and click on the three bars in the upper left corner.

Select the remote manager on the interface. Select Open on the remote manager's switch. This will display an FTP URL. What we want is this URL. With this URL, our TV can access the files in the mobile phone. Next we will Back to TV

The server enters the URL of our mobile phone remote manager, and the port enters the following four digits. We don't need to fill in the user name and password, but there must be an anonymity hook, no tick, you click OK is not enough, after the tick, Click OK

The folder for remote access to the mobile phone is built. Use the millet remote to move to the location of the folder. Press the middle button to open the folder we created.

Did you feel very familiar when you opened it? That's right, this is all the folders and files in our mobile file manager. You can open any folder you want to open for browsing and viewing.

Find a concert in my mobile phone. Under the test, can you play it successfully? After clicking, you will be prompted to select the player that you choose. Generally, you must choose your own player. Then select the first player.

The concert began to play, and there was no case of Caton in the process. It proved that we successfully shared the folder of the mobile phone. It was much more comfortable to browse the concert on the big screen than on the mobile phone. Did you say that? ?

Browse the pictures in the mobile phone, and watch it as usual. Put your phone away, browse the video pictures in your mobile phone directly on the TV, and experience the ultimate enjoyment of the big screen browsing!

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