Small size LCD panel prices rise Large size prices continue to decline

As the main cost of TV, LCD TV's price fluctuations often have a significant impact on the TV industry. Recently, the well-known market adjustment agency IHS announced a set of latest trends in the price of LCD panels in the international market, among which the price of small-size LCD panels has risen while the 55-inch panel has seen a continuous decline.

The panel of international market prices announced by the IHS was updated on April 21, 2016. According to the price trend, the prices of 32-inch 720P high-definition panels showed an increase, with the maximum increase reaching 2 US dollars. 40-inch 1080P full HD panel, the maximum increase of 2 US dollars. 43-inch 1080P full HD panel, the price increase is 1 US dollar. 48-inch 1080P full HD panel, the price will remain unchanged. 55-inch 1080P full HD panel, the price drop of 3 US dollars.

From the above data, it can be seen that the prices of the popular 32-inch LCD TV panels in the market have rebounded. One of the reasons for this is that many panel makers have shifted their production focus to large-size panels with higher profits. More noteworthy is that, like the large-screen panels such as 55 inches, prices have continued to decline. Because the domestic sales season will drive the panel shipments, TV manufacturers will also increase the number of panel purchases. Panel makers are eager to remove inventory pressure, so it's no surprise that price cuts have occurred.

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