Mobile chip makers are attacking the car processor market

The competition in the automotive processor market is becoming more and more intense. The rise of telematics and networking opportunities in the telematics (TelemaTIcs) system not only spurred the veteran of the automotive processor market, such as Renesas Electronics, Texas Instruments and Freescale, to intensify the launch of new products, but also attracted active chip players such as Qualcomm and Huida. Into, and the advantages of wireless networking and graphics processor technology to create a higher integration program, resulting in a fierce competition for automotive processor specifications.

According to Kanwalinder Singh, senior vice president of Qualcomm Business Development, the design concept of mobile devices will increasingly extend to the automotive sector. Qualcomm will further leverage high-integration processors to open a new era of automotive networking infotainment services based on the successful experience of the mobile device market.

In fact, Qualcomm has unveiled its first quad-core automotive processor solution at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and continues its high-integration design strategy to introduce high-end GPUs into the processor. LTE multimode modems, 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.0 chips, digital signal processors (DSPs) and GNSS solutions are a strong challenge for chipmakers entering the automotive market earlier.

Since there are more than 10 million connected cars equipped with Qualcomm 3G/LTE baseband processors, Qualcomm's wishful thinking is based on LTE as a springboard, and introduces Wi-Fi Miracast links, voice control and high-definition video and audio codecs. Waiting for the action processor function, quickly cut into the automotive market, and thus increase the estuary of its application processor.

In order to prevent the anti-blocking mobile processor manufacturers from ploughing up the market for the car market, Texas Instruments and Freescale, which had been working in the automotive field earlier, also launched a new generation of quad-core processors, and stressed that they have invested in long-term research and development cooperation with the car manufacturers. It is the first to pass the automotive standards such as AEC-Q100/200 and ISO 26262 functional safety, and has achieved market advantage.

He Jizhe, deputy manager of the sales and marketing department of the fifth business marketing department of Renesas Electronics, stressed that Renesas Electronics, Freescale and Texas Instruments are among the top three suppliers in the automotive processor market, and the market share is significantly ahead of other players; From the perspective of the system development time of 3 to 5 years, the possibility of switching to other chip solutions in the short term is not high; especially the requirements for vehicle peripheral interface design, reliability testing and functional safety and consumer electronics There is a difference, so the mobile processor industry has to go through a learning curve to have a chance to be in the automotive market.


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