CWIEME coil exhibition successfully landed in China

CWIEME coil exhibition successfully landed in China

Meeting with suppliers, discovering the latest industry trends, and meeting industry colleagues... The 2014 CWIEME Shanghai Coil Exhibition attracted 3,750 professional visitors from home and abroad. 132 exhibitors representing the winding machine industry, such as Synfr., DuPont, Axalta, Kembo, Pojat, Röhling, etc., gathered to showcase their innovative technologies, expertise and new products. product.

The CWIEME Shanghai Coil Exhibition is part of the CWIEME Global Series Exhibition. The series covers Europe, China, India and North America. It was acquired by i2i Events Group in 2012 and has grown into the world's largest exhibition of winding and motor manufacturing.

China is an important market in the world of winding machines and manufacturing industries, providing various business opportunities for supply and demand. The export volume of Chinese winding wires has increased from 249.4 million euros in 2007 to 445.4 million euros in 2012; the export volume of electronic products based on winding machine components has soared from 6 billion euros in 1992 to 2012. 361.5 billion euros. At the same time, China is also the world’s third largest importer, importing hot items including electronic components, mechanical equipment and automobiles.

In the coming years, demand will continue to grow. Mr. Jiang Guanxiong, the vice president of the Electronic Information Industry Branch of the China International Trade Promotion Committee of the CWIEME Shanghai Coil Show, said: “In the next decade, the demand for Chinese products in Asia and the world will continue to grow. All along, the Chinese government is Take various measures and strive to stabilize China's manufacturing position."

The CWIEME seminar held in conjunction with the exhibition is also a highlight of the exhibition. This year's symposium focused on the theme of "Responding to the Challenge of Electric Equipment Manufacturing to Higher Energy Efficiency Standards" and discussed the issues of balance between achieving high efficiency and cost control in all aspects of the motor manufacturing and manufacturing industry chain. Experts from Von Roll, IHS, ABB and China National Iron and Steel Research Institute shared their views. Experts are generally concerned about the use of green energy, especially the application of hybrid vehicles and the opportunities for industrial development.

Ms. Haf Cennydd, director of the CWIEME series exhibition project, was very satisfied with the successful appearance of the CWIEME brand in Shanghai: “We are very pleased to leave the footprint of CWIEME in such an important global manufacturing market. The lively atmosphere at the scene shows that there are many economies in China. In the important market, the winding machine industry is undoubtedly at the core. Positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors also indicates that the 2015 exhibition will be more exciting and successful.”

Ms. Zhang Mei, the project director of CWIEME Shanghai, also expressed optimism about the future of the show: “This is an encouraging start for CWIEME and the Chinese market. Just like the continued development of the market, we expect that the exhibition will also grow year by year. ."

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