"Ming Xiao-long holiday maintenance spring irrigation electrical equipment

"Ming Xiao-long holiday maintenance spring irrigation electrical equipment
Two employees of the Yancheng Power Supply Company Communist Party Service Team made maintenance equipment for the farmers on the spring irrigation pumping motor on April 6th. During the maintenance, they also learned about the demand for spring farming power from the farmers, asked for electricity opinions, and explained the knowledge of seasonal temporary electricity use. , Let the farmers plow the spring irrigation with safe and secure power.
Yancheng Power Supply Company initiated the theme service of “Smart Wisdom and Sustained People's Livelihood” in the Jiangsu Electric Power Company and requested the service teams of the Rural Power Supply Institute Party to fully serve the people in the period of “Ching Ming Festival”, and to serve the people in spring and use electricity for the majority of farmers. Provide high-quality and efficient service, solve problems for the farmers in spring farming and electricity discharge, and allow farmers to use the electricity for spring farming.

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