DIALOG and Shengdi Optoelectronics jointly develop smart lighting solutions that support the LEDOTRON standard

Through this cooperation, the two parties will introduce to the market intelligent dimmable LED modified light bulbs based on Dialog's new smarteXite driver IC technology platform

Shenzhen / Beijing, China, November 11, 2013 – Dialog Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Frankfurt stock code: DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, audio, AC / DC, solid-state lighting and short-range wireless technology, today announced Optoelectronics has established a strategic partnership, which will become the first partner to commercialize the Dialog smarteXiteTM platform. SmarteXite is based on fully configurable logic and supports the latest digital dimming standard LedotronTM, which can create a new generation of highly flexible and intelligent LED driver ICs for smart lighting applications.

The cooperation between Dialog and Shengdi includes the exchange of research and development data, the development of new concept products and prototype bulbs, and the system-level testing and certification of new intelligent lighting solutions. Shengdi will use the IC of the smarteXite platform to develop LED lighting solutions.

Johnson Shen, founder and chairman of Shengdi, said: "Smart lighting is an important growth area in the LED lighting market, and digital dimming and wireless control technology are important elements for creating innovative products. With the help of Dialog ’s smarteXite series With LED-driven products, we can accelerate the innovation cycle and provide customers with a new lighting experience. "

Mark Tyndall, vice president of corporate development and strategy and general manager of the power conversion business group of Dialog Semiconductor Co., Ltd., said: "We are always looking for an innovative technology partner with a fast-moving and global business. Through cooperation with Shengdi, we have obtained solid state The support of allies in the lighting field and cooperation in this market with a company that shares our vision and strength. The establishment of this partnership makes us very excited. Our goal is very clear, and that is to truly achieve intelligence illumination."

The first smartXite product, iW6401, will be the world's first LED driver IC that supports the latest Ledotron dimming standard. Ledotron improves the limitations of traditional phase-cut dimmers and overcomes the disadvantages of reduced system performance. Members of the "Ledotron Marketing Alliance" (Ledotron MarkeTIng Alliance) include manufacturers such as OSRAM and INSTA. They have long been committed to promoting and popularizing Ledotron systems that are fully compatible with all relevant standards around the world.

INSTA CEO Alexander Burgbacher said: "We used Ledotron to develop digital dimmers for digital light sources. It solves all the existing compatibility and performance issues of traditional dimmers. In addition to being used for retrofitting, Ledotron can also make LED lighting has become more forward-looking and intelligent. Dialog ’s first smarteXite product, iW6401, integrates the Ledotron standard into the light bulb. Therefore, the application of this standard in the field of LED lighting has become easier and the speed of promotion is also accelerating.

Solutions that support the Ledotron standard provide manual dimming control and are easy to connect to the Internet of Things or any building and home automation system. In a typical Ledotron configuration, the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the dimmer is limited only by the peak power of the dimmer. The communication between the dimmer and the bulb is achieved by baseband data modulation around the zero crossing of the AC mains voltage.

Lighting solutions that support the Ledotron standard are very easy to install and use, and can greatly expand the control of LED retrofit bulbs with the help of addressing, color control, and adjustable white functions. Dialog's iW6401 simplifies the design of Ledotron bulbs. Designers can configure and program the iW6401 through a multi-functional design software and generate an optimized bill of materials and component specifications. Regardless of the model and manufacturer, the dimmer and bulb with the Ledotron logo can ensure full performance.

Mass production of iW6401 is expected to start in the first half of 2014.

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