Analysis of domestic LED medical lighting market capacity

From outdoor to indoor, from special to general, LEDs in the field of lighting continue to expand, of which, medical lighting, automotive lighting, plant lighting and other markets are generally optimistic about the industry. According to the prediction of relevant research institutions, from 2010 to 2017, the application of LED in surgical lighting is expected to grow at a rapid rate of 76.4% per year. Many companies have increased their horsepower and marched into medical lighting. However, compared with general lighting, medical lighting has certain specialities in terms of lighting requirements and market access.

At present, where are the market access conditions for domestic medical lighting? Where is the capacity of the medical lighting market? How should the enterprise polish the gold special lighting market? This article will focus on the development of domestic medical lighting and the market with surgical shadowless lamps as an example. Capacity, etc.

First, where is the demand for domestic medical surgery shadowless lamps?

· The hospitals above the second grade (including) (the total number of hospital beds is 100 to 499) have the need to purchase medical surgery shadowless lamps.

· Some hospitals in the economically developed and coastal areas, such as the first and second hospitals, also have operating rooms and procurement needs for medical surgery shadowless lamps.

1. There are separate medical device classifications

A type of medical device: a medical device that is routinely managed to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Class II medical devices: medical devices that should be controlled for their safety and effectiveness.

Three types of medical devices: medical devices that are implanted in the human body to support and sustain life; have potential danger to the human body, and must be strictly controlled for their safety and effectiveness.

The medical surgery shadowless lamp belongs to the category II medical device management, and belongs to the operating room, emergency room, medical treatment room equipment and appliances.

2, hospital grades are different, lighting needs are also different

According to the "Hospital Classification Management Measures" promulgated by the Ministry of Health in 1989, domestic hospitals implement hierarchical management; hospitals are divided into first, second and third levels according to functions and tasks; each level is divided into A, B, C, etc., each level A is the highest; among them, the tertiary hospitals are added to the special level, so the hospital is divided into three levels and ten. The third-grade hospital is currently the highest-ranking hospital in China, equivalent to five-star hotels.

The tertiary hospital ranks on behalf of the hospital, which has the largest scale and the highest level of medical skills in the same hospitals. It is the most authoritative hospital among the grade hospitals.

First-class hospitals: Grass-roots hospitals and health centers that provide prevention, medical care, health care, and rehabilitation services directly to communities with a certain population.

Secondary Hospital: It is a regional hospital that provides comprehensive medical and health services to a number of communities and undertakes certain teaching and research tasks.

Tertiary hospitals: Regional hospitals that provide high-level specialist medical and health services to several regions and perform advanced teaching and research tasks.

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