Molex's Active Optical Interconnect Solutions

Brent Hatfield, Molex active optics product manager, said: "The market shows that the current data center interconnection length in the United States exceeds an average of 130m, while the target length of the 25 Gbps MM VCSEL solution used is only 100m. Data Center Architecture and OE

19,000 盏 LED street lights in Chongqing, Chongqing

In order to improve the quality of urban nighttime lighting while saving energy and reducing emissions, Chongqing Yubei District Municipal Administration has started the renovation of LED street lights in the whole district in the second half of last year. At present, the street lighting renovatio

Eighth World "Earth Hour"

Nearly 200 countries in the world, millions of people, did the same thing at the same time—halting an hour. In response to climate change, the world celebrated its eighth "Earth Hour" event on the 29th. More than 7,000 cities (towns) around the world have turned off lights

CWIEME coil exhibition successfully landed in China

Meeting with suppliers, discovering the latest industry trends, and meeting industry colleagues... The 2014 CWIEME Shanghai Coil Exhibition attracted 3,750 professional visitors from home and abroad. 132 exhibitors representing the winding machine industry, such as Synfr., DuPont, Axalta,

I see the LED light decay

LED light decay, this innate dysentery, its "long life" crown makes people feel disappointed, LED light decay caused product defects and heat dissipation costs remain high, becoming the roadblock for the development of LED lighting. LED light decay runs through the

iPad Office: Microsoft and Apple Win

Recently, Microsoft’s Shinco CEO Nadella announced Microsoft’s launch of Office products suitable for iPads. I believe that the iPad version of Office will allow Microsoft and Apple to achieve a “win-win”, and investors from both companies can also benefit from it