What is the difference between LED display and OLED display technology under Popular Science?

The difference between the LED display and the OLED display is not just a one-letter difference. Both are completely different imaging technologies. LED display is a set of microelectronics technology, computer technology, information processing in one, with its colorful, dynamic range, high brightness, long life, reliable and reliable operation, etc., is also the most advantageous public display media. With the continuous development and innovation of LED display technology, the LED display industry starts with products and then reaches product design, so that it can provide overall solutions in the future.

Is there any difference between LED display and OLED display technology?

The main advantages of LED display are its high brightness and large-screen display, which can meet the needs of outdoor all-weather and full-color display. It can display sky and ocean with LED large color screen to achieve three-dimensional animation. LED display can be assembled into various structures according to the pixel size, small pixel diameter is generally less than 5mm, full color display requires 3 T-1 red, green, blue lights, or a multi-chip T-1 (3/ 4) LED lights as a pixel. The full-color performance of the LED display is realistic and has a large range of colors including: blue-green, green-red, and the like, and is basically in line with the TV color range specified by the International Television System Committee (NTSC). The new generation of red, green, and blue ultra-bright LEDs has achieved unprecedented performance and can achieve spliced ​​display, using BSV LCD splicing technology to achieve large-screen high-brightness display.

OLED display is widely used in various electronic products

OLED is the abbreviation of English Organic Light-Emitting Diode, can be called organic light emitting diode or organic light emitting display. OLED, as an emerging application technology for flat panel displays, has self-illumination, does not require a backlight board, high contrast, uniform image quality, wide viewing angle, and fast response speed. It conforms to the principle of short intelligence and is not only used in small and medium-sized panels. And because OLED is an all-solid-state, non-vacuum device, it has anti-shock and low-temperature resistance characteristics, and it also has important applications in the military. Due to the rapid development of downstream markets such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and car audio systems, the OLED display industry has grown rapidly and the market scale has continued to expand.

The difference between LED display and OLED display is imaging technology

The LED display is a display mode that controls the semiconductor light-emitting diodes. It is usually composed of a plurality of red light-emitting diodes. The display is led by the light and the light. In order to achieve text, graphics, images, animation, video, video signals and other information display screen. OLED emits light by current-driven organic thin film itself. The emitted light can be monochromatic with red, green, blue, and white, thus achieving the full-color effect, and belongs to a brand-new light-emitting principle. This is the most essential difference between the two.

Intelligent Street Lamps are also called intelligent lighting or smart street lights.It adopts the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system, so as to realize centralized control, operation and maintenance information and intelligent lighting of street lamps.The most advanced versions of Intelligent Street Lamps have been designed to create a happy atmosphere in roads, streets, squares and other places.The design of intelligent street lamps can only be designed by a wide range of discussions and environments that provide an aesthetic consistency.intellgent lamp

Intelligent Street Lamp system

The core functions of intelligent Street Lamp include Intelligent lighting,Smart city applications,The information publishing system,Intelligent security,Charging pile,Distributed monitoring sensor system.

intelligent street lamp

Product feature


Sensor norise

Air pollution sensor

Temperature/humidity sensor

Brightness sensor

Municipal construction monitor


Special crowed monitor

CMC monitor

Community security monitor

Municipal facilities monitor

3.Communication Services

Micro base station

Street lights embedded WIFI hot spot

4.Video Monitor

Security monitor

Vehicle monitor

5.Emergency Broadcast

Active of the external field radio monitoring center

6.Intelligent Lighting

Cellular cooling technology

Based on the luminance uniformity of light distribution

Intelligent single lamp/center controller

Variety of modular design lamp,holder is optional.

7.Information Release

Advertising exposure

Current politics news

Information release

8.Charging Column

Electric car

Electric bicycle

street  lamp

Intelligent Street Lamp

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