This year the Olympics lay down to see which remote controls can make you unable to get up?

[PConline News] In this season, the ideal state in our minds should be: Kuteng old tree faint crow, air-conditioned WIFI watermelon, Geyou with sofa, sunset, I will go there. What did you do on the sofa in August? Watch the Olympics! Then the question came: When you set a beer snack on a table, and then squatted on the sofa, suddenly found the most important TV - actually forgot to open! And can not find the remote control, in the case of the same posture, how can we control the TV?

In the past two years, the concept of smart homes has become hot. All major manufacturers want to use their own products and agreements to "occupy the living room." But as we often say, many products just add a WIFI and mobile phone control functions. Self-proclaimed intelligence, in essence, makes users more troublesome to use. Users don't need so many APPs, and they don't need that much troublesome synchronization. For example, when lying on the sofa watching the Olympics, what they need is just the simplest way to get everything done without having to get up.

On August 2, Apple released a new version of the Remote application that allows users to directly control Apple TV without a remote control, and also compensates for the inadequacies of the old version.

With the new version of the Remote connected TV, simply type the number displayed on the Apple TV on your iPhone or iPad to complete the connection. When Siri issues a voice command, Apple TV will respond accordingly. In addition to on-demand programming, Apple TV will respond to vague instructions, such as saying: I want to see science fiction movies of the 90s. , The corresponding result will be displayed on the screen.

For a TV or audio receiver that supports a compatible remote control (HDMI-CEC), the user can also directly control the volume level. If you like typing, you can also directly use the keyboard to enter commands, which is also a new feature on the basis of the old version. The new version of Remote can be said to completely liberate the remote control, but mainland users are temporarily out of touch.

Faced with the chaotic situation of smart home appliances and the fragmented user experience, many manufacturers have tried to solve these problems through smart switches, but in the end most of them are still stuck in the endless cycle of mobile phone APP control. The following intelligent switch called Knocki is on the public Differently, as long as they are installed, there is no need to worry about how to control it.

Knocki provides a new way of operation. With this smart device, all the planes around the walls, table tops, and door panels around you can instantly become switches. When Knocki fits on a certain plane, the built-in sensor will sense the tapping and gestures from the plane and knock the wall to switch the TV.

Of course, Knocki can also connect mobile phones. For example, if Knocki is installed on the door, when someone knocks on the door, the corresponding message push will appear on the phone. Knocki doesn't need to use your phone to control other things. On the contrary, it can even control the alarm on your phone. Imagine that you can turn off the alarm by simply tapping the bedside table twice. The result is definitely... Late for work.

Knocki is suitable for a variety of different flat materials and different applications. At the same time, it supports 9 mainstream WIFI protocols and can change the usage experience of fragmentation at one time. The current price is US$129.

On the proposition of occupying the living room, in addition to using existing products, there is also an idea to add a unified smart steward to these products. For example, Iron Man's Jarvis, and the stupid strong in Macau. The housekeeper's ability to accept human natural language, translate it into device language, and then control all kinds of equipment is equivalent to building a bridge, allowing us to omit the "I need to do what to achieve" this thinking step.

At this year's Taipei Computer Show, ASUS released smart steward Zenbo is a product of this concept. Zenbo is more like an obedient servant than a cold electronic device. You tell him what to do and what he will do. It can connect to other smart devices in the home to adjust light, switch door locks, and remotely control home appliances. In the kitchen, it can also provide you with cooking steps for the desired food, and voice guidance.

In addition to the above products, there are many smart switches and remote control solutions on the market, but what kind of future is the trend, but also need to wait for users to test. Back to our initial problem, lying on the sofa, motionless, no remote control, what method do you want to control the TV? Perhaps this is the answer.

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