Network TV box These features are very useful to you?

The Internet TV box appeared early, and it is its biggest feature to watch the massive video resources for free. Later, with the market's norms, it is more and more difficult to see non-genuine resources. However, in recent years, the input of various video platforms in content has become more and more. Large, the content that can be seen through the built-in video platform of the box has already enriched a lot.
The use of a network TV box can rejuvenate the old TV. Even if it is a smart TV, if you are not satisfied with its configuration, system, and content, you can easily upgrade the experience through a network TV box. For a better viewing experience, the following These practical functions must be known.

Wireless projection screens Currently, Internet TV boxes generally support AirPlay, DLNA, and Miracast. The AirPlay protocol for iOS devices is used as an example. What if you want to put photos and videos from your mobile phone onto a TV? Swipe up from the bottom of the mobile phone screen to open the control center, click on “AirPlay mirroring”, and find the corresponding network TV box to connect. At this time, the TV will directly display the contents of the mobile phone. Sharing photos and videos with family is very simple.

The role of wireless projection is not limited to these, as mentioned above, the content of the Internet TV box has been enriched a lot, but because of copyright reasons, some content on the big screen can not be directly watched, then you can use AirPlay to phone Youku, Tencent, etc. The content of the video APP is watched on the big screen of the TV. What you want to see is completely unrestricted.
NAS file sharing

Basic NAS Storage Functions - File Sharing

Box access NAS file
The storage space of the network TV box will not be too large. You want to watch high-definition movies often with U disk, mobile hard disk and other storage devices, in fact, the box can play movies directly from the NAS. Because the TV box and the NAS are in the same LAN, many network TV boxes provide the functions of the network neighbor. They can directly read the video, audio and other files in the NAS, and finally output to the TV through HDMI, without copying. Very convenient.
NAS is not something that companies can afford to use. Individuals can also be built at home and it is not as difficult as they thought.
Voice search If you are using a voice search box, you must remember to use it. This is not a tasteless feature. Even though most TV boxes support the first letter of fuzzy search, the efficiency of entering letters using the remote control is still very low. It is especially hard to get up. At present, the performance of voice control is constantly being enhanced, and it is basically possible to achieve "what to think, what to say, and what to achieve," and even some can support dialects, or can adjust the progress of playback and the volume level.

Voice Search opens a specific episode

Fast forward with voice
However, the current control of the box through voice is still relatively small. For example, it can only search the contents of the box's built-in video platform. The contents of the third-party video APP will not appear in the search results for the time being, and certainly not reach Siri. The standard.
Bluetooth connection

Through Bluetooth external audio
Basically, the Bluetooth function is already standard on the Internet TV box. With it, you can wirelessly connect game controllers, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth stereos and other devices, such as watching TV when you can’t sleep at night, football fans often watch the game in the middle of the night. At this time, they all worry that TV sounds will affect the family's rest. Pairing a Bluetooth headset with a TV box eliminates these issues.
The above are some of the practical functions of the Internet TV box. There is no need to toss anything except building a NAS. Other functions are often used when we use the box. Don't ignore their existence. â– 
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