ISE13.1 calls Modelsim10.0 a little problem and solution process

Software Environment:
ISE13.1+System Generator
Modelsim SE 10.0
Modlsim emulation library for compiled Xilinx devices

Phenomenon: Do some simulation in System Generator. After successful verification, the testbench file is automatically generated, then the generated project is opened in ISE, and Modelsim is selected to select behavior simulation. After Modelsim is opened, there is always an endless error. Error: (vsim -19) Failed to access library 'work' at "work"., I have tossed for two hours; there is no problem with ISIM simulation, but ISIM does not have the analog simulation to display the waveform function, you still have to use Modelsim.

There is no way to observe the simulation properties of the project in ISE. It is found that ISE uses the simulation script generated by System Generator when calling the simulation software. Open with Notepad and see the following:

-- If you see error messages concerning missing libraries for
-- XilinxCoreLib, unisims, or simprims, you may not have set
-- up your ModelSim environment correctly. See the Xilinx
-- Support Website for instrucTIons telling how to compile
-- these libraries.

Vlib work

Vlog D:/Xilinx/13.1/ISE_DS/ISE/verilog/src/glbl.v
Vlog sdft_paper_sg2.v
Vlog sdft_paper_sg2_cw.v
Vlog sdft_paper_sg2_tb.v
Vsim +nowarnTFMPC -L work -L UNISIMS_VER -L SIMPRIMS_VER -L XILINXCORELIB_VER work.glbl -t ps sdft_paper_sg2_tb
View wave
Add wave *
View structure
View signals
Run 55000275.000000 ns

When I first executed vlib work, I got an error. Then open Modelsim, enter the cd command in the command window to switch to the project folder, and then enter vlib work, then work is completed; exit Modelsim, re-call Modelsim simulation in ISE, and there is Error: (vsim-19) Failed to Access library 'pn_behavioral' at "pn_behavioral". This is an error. In the same way, enter vlib pn_behavioral, exit Modelsim, and recall Modelsim simulation in ISE, this time is not wrong, but the waveform window has nothing.

I would like to copy all the rest of the file into the Modelsim command window and press Enter. It is finally successful. I don't know which software is a bug. It seems that the simulations have been done after the System Generator automatic production project.

ISE13.1 calls Modelsim10.0 a little problem and solution process

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