Li Yanhong Tune Trump's Assist: China's Opportunity to Attract Talent

【Global Science and Technology Report】 The macro must be accepted, and there are bright prospects for microcosm. On February 8th, at the opening theme forum of the 17th annual meeting of Yabuli China Entrepreneur Forum, business leaders talked about 2017 that was full of uncertainty, especially the uncertainties brought by the United States to the global economy. In this regard, Baidu founder Li Yanhong said with ease that the emergence of such an "atypical president" in the United States, just like "God assists", just to give Chinese companies the opportunity to attract talent from around the world to China's development.

It sounds like a joke, but it has profound implications. The Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum is known as the “Thought Processing Factory” for the development of Chinese companies. Dare to speak out and listen to the great features of the entrepreneurs exchanged here. At the opening theme forum, the host talked about how to look at the “One Belt and One Road” policy and Trump’s “Black Swan Lake” when faced with the macro trend of rapid changes in the world and increased uncertainty, Li Yanhong first stated that Before listening carefully to Xi’s speech at the Davos Forum, the concept of globalization gave him a deep impression; at the same time, he proposed that the appearance of this “atypical president” in the United States brought some opportunities for China. It will therefore be able to assume more global responsibilities, both at the national and national level, and at the corporate level as well.

He further explained that in the PK of innovation capability in various countries of the world, the biggest obstacle to China compared to the United States is that we can only attract Chinese people, but the United States can attract people from all countries, ethnicities, and languages. With the changes in the US immigration policy, the political and social environment has changed accordingly. This is very favorable for attracting talents to China.

The competition in technology is essentially a competition for talents. Li Yanhong stated at the forum that in the past few years, Baidu and he personally have spent a lot of energy to introduce global talents. For example, Baidu has set up a research institute in Silicon Valley in the United States. People from all countries in the world work together to research cutting-edge technologies, but he also hopes that outstanding people will come to China and come to Beijing. “Why did I ask for Lu Qilai? If one word is used to answer, then it is 'artificial intelligence.'” Li Yanhong mentioned Baidu’s recent appointment of the latest management, which is of great concern to the industry. He believes that Lu Qi’s authority in the field of artificial intelligence is for Baidu. The landing of artificial intelligence strategy is of great significance, and the global high-tech leader such as Lu Qi is not only required by Baidu, but also is needed by China in the next round of global technology competition and industrial competition.

“We just saw Mercedes-Benz people already familiar with China, so in fact learning Chinese language and culture are not so high. We are now facing a very good time. In this sense I am optimistic.” Li Yanhong thinks. With the further reduction of the barriers to language and culture, the huge market, rapid growth, and more changes and opportunities in China, will bring together people from all countries, ethnicities, and languages ​​to seek space for development and build the next global Innovation Center.

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