Nine technical pillars of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0's nine technology pillars include industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing, industrial big data, industrial robotics, 3D printing, knowledge work automation, industrial network security, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. There are countless business opportunities and listed companies in these nine pillars.

Industrial internet of things

The Industrial Internet of Things is the core foundation of Industry 4.0. There are ubiquitous sensors. After these sensors are interconnected, a large amount of data is formed, and then returned to the digital hub to clean, organize, and mine data, and add value to the data. In the past, big data was used in service companies, and many data of industrial enterprises were not completely excavated. Now a new market is being formed, which is a large amount of data formed by industrial Internet of Things to reproduce value. One area of ​​technology is the Industrial Internet of Things.

cloud computing

In the cloud computing, it is divided into public and private clouds. In the past, China, including some big companies in the world, wanted to establish their own cloud computing platform. Therefore, China Telecom and Bank of China hope to establish a cloud computing platform for themselves, and small and medium-sized enterprises use public clouds.

In the past three years, Citibank in the United States has slowly cut off its own IT team of thousands of people and turned its public cloud into Amazon and IBM private cloud. In China, this technology trend is also present. In the future, cloud computing is an infrastructure in the Internet. It is a hydroelectric coal, a highway, a company does not need to raise thousands of IT teams, and it can not reach the enterprise level in security defense. Security defense. So it is the best choice to hand over to a professional cloud service infrastructure provider.

Cloud computing infrastructure providers, in the United States, Amazon took a lot of orders from the US Department of Defense, surpassing IBM. China's Alibaba provides cloud computing services, which is also very good. So in the field of cloud computing, looking at the global trend, everyone is computing by storing their own data in the cloud, so cloud computing based on big data is also the core ID technology of Industry 4.0. And the strongest place in these technologies is in Silicon Valley.

As can be seen from the above cases, although Industry 4.0 originated in Germany, it is inseparable from Silicon Valley in the United States. Because of Silicon Valley's big data, cloud computing, including future artificial intelligence, virtual reality, these technologies also have a huge impact on the combination of industry and the Internet.

Industrial big data

Ma Yun said that in the future all enterprises will become data enterprises, and the future is an era from IT to DT, namely data technology. Industrial Big Data is also a critical technology area throughout Industry 4.0. Today's Silicon Valley, including many new industrial big data companies in Germany, provides industrial data analysis, acquisition, and data loggers. These industrial data will be stored in the cloud, and through the analysis of industrial data, you can re-analyze the operation of the machine and improve efficiency.

Four years ago, I met Li Jie, a Taiwanese professor at Cincinnati State University in the United States. He was a consultant to Haier to study smart device management. Many of today's machines come from after-care and maintenance, and the machines they study smartly are studying the parameters and performance of this machine. For example, when will it break? At what time may it fail?

Boeing sponsored his research because Boeing hopes to know how long the aircraft may be malfunctioning and may fall off the air through intelligent device management. So in the era of big data, through the analysis of intelligent data, when a machine is likely to fail, this is an application of big data in the operation of this machine.

Industrial robot

There are 80 million manufacturing workers in China, and 11 million in Japan. Sun Zhengyi, president of Japan Software Bank, made a proposal to the Japanese government in 2013, hoping that by 2040, Japan can increase its industrial robots to 50 million, allowing these industrial robots to work in the workshop, plus 11 million employees, about 6,000. Ten thousand of the available labor. He believes that in doing so, Japanese manufacturing can re-emerge as the world's largest manufacturing power.

About two weeks ago, Ma Yun of Alibaba and Foxconn Guo Taiming of Taiwan jointly invested in a Japanese company that serves as a service robot. President Xi Jinping once said in a document in February that robots are very important. China produced more than 170 robot companies in March and April. In the future, the breadth and depth of industrial robots used in factories is very large. Some provinces and cities such as Dongguan and Zhejiang have proposed: the machine is replaced, and the government gives rewards.

There are three major companies in the world of industrial robots. The first one is Germany's KUKA company, the second is Sweden's ABB company, and the third is Japan's FANUC company. Now the best company in the field of industrial robots in China is the company affiliated to Shenyang Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences - Xinsong Robotics Co., Ltd., which has been listed on the Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market and uses nearly 70 billion market capitalization.

So in the field of Industry 4.0, there will be many very good listed companies. In the future, you can invest in such hardware and software companies related to Industry 4.0, which has great development prospects in China. Industry 4.0 will be launched for everyone in the next decade. It is a multi-billion-dollar smart manufacturing transformation market. It has national policy support and the necessity of mobile Internet transformation. This is a gold mine that has just begun to tap.

3D printing

3D printing is the biggest technological breakthrough in manufacturing history. 3D printing has many new technological breakthroughs in the United States and Germany, and you can see 3D printed clothes, cars, and even heart stents.

There have been shortcomings in past 3D printing, the first printing speed is too slow, and the second is the distance from the actual item. But now technology advances very quickly, now from 3D printing to fast 3D printing to 4D printing. In the 3D printing section, there will be a huge breakthrough in the whole technology. In January of this year, I participated in the CES electronic exhibition and saw many technological breakthroughs. The era of rapid application of 3D printing will soon come.

The rapid development of 3D printing and the logic behind the “Makeup” pushed by China now provide a possibility for countless individual manufacturers, so countless factories of one person and two will be produced. The future is the union of freelancers, and the challenge to organizations and organizations of large companies will be a new problem, but this is already a determined trend.

Knowledge work automation

In the past, we focused on the standardization of production processes and the automation of production equipment. In fact, the future society is an era in which knowledge workers work together, and the work of knowledge workers will become more automated. This is a trillion-dollar new market. Most of the management models, masters, and theories of the industrial era will cease to exist in the Internet era, and the management model for the Internet has not yet been formed. The form and standard of knowledge workers have not yet formed.

In the past, the industrial production process and value chain formed by the industrial 3.0 era will be destroyed. The new management model and value chain have not yet formed. The words of Li Shanyou are borrowed: the future is uncertain, and now it is only uncertain to determine the uncertainty of the future.

Through the sharing economy, we can see that Luo Zhenyu also said that the boundaries of organizational employment are blurring. Many people become freelancers. They are no longer employed by a company. They will be assembled because of a project. The project will be separated at the end. This may be A major direction for the transformation of the entire enterprise in the future.

Industrial network security

In the past, we can see that there is enterprise-level network security in the network security of the service industry, and there is a certain defense and security index. But in the industry, the past data is based on the interconnection of PC and PC, so the future machine and machine interconnection, the first interface compatibility problem. The second of these data is kept in the cloud, and security precautions between data become a critical choice. Therefore, industrial network security is a very important one in Industry 4.0 technology, and it is also the fastest growing service company in China in recent years.

Virtual Reality

Currently in Silicon Valley, many companies, including Boeing aircraft, have been doing augmented reality and virtual reality. How to put the virtual scene in the research and development, and put it in the test before the new production. In the past, we used the drawings to produce the products, and then continued to iterate and improve. In the future, through virtual reality, the entire product will undergo tens of millions of improvements in front of the computer before production, and the efficiency of the entire production will increase dramatically.

artificial intelligence

A futurist in Silicon Valley in the United States predicts that the intelligence of machines in 2045 will exceed artificial intelligence. So positioning 2045 as a singularity, Silicon Valley has produced a singular university. 2045 is a unique year. If machine intelligence exceeds artificial intelligence, it means that the intelligence of the machine in turn pushes down the humanization. When machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence, the shape, production methods, lifestyle, and production relations of the entire society will undergo tremendous changes.

Baidu now puts the future strategy at two points: one is to establish the connection between people and information, and the other is artificial intelligence. Anhui University's Science and Technology News has put the entire business scope on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a trillion-level market. Silicon Valley, Canada, many artificial intelligence companies are gradually emerging. In the past, people used to operate machines. After the machines were intelligent, machines could dominate and direct production. Artificial intelligence will make a huge change to the world.

In the future of Industry 4.0, software is important or hardware important. The answer is very simple: software determines everything, software-defined machines. All factories are software companies, all data companies. All industrial software is crucial in the industry 4.0 era, so software defines everything.

This round of industrial revolution was caused by the scientific and technological revolution. In China's "Internet +", Industry 4.0 is an integral part of "Internet +", and "Internet + Manufacturing" is the German version of Industry 4.0, which is China. Made 2025.

The Industrial Age 4.0 has just begun, but it gives us a general direction. In the future, enterprises will become data companies, innovative companies, integrated enterprises, and rapidly changing enterprises. For the entire manufacturing industry, this is a huge subversion, called the industrial revolution, and it is no exaggeration.

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