Skyworth 650E790U LCD TV's High Pixel Built-in Camera

The Skyworth 650E790U LCD TV is medium-sized, with a larger size, ie up to 65 inches. With an ultra-narrow design of 0.69cm, it exceeds your imagination and gives you different feelings. The LCD TV is priced at 12,800 yuan, so its quality and after-sales service is certainl

How to remove software from Lynx Box?

The Lynx Box carries the dreams of countless Tmall fans and can experience different life in the cat's box, allowing him to go further with advanced technology. After the user always gets the Tmall box, he tries various kinds of things. In addition to the curiosity of th

TCL E5800A installs TV broadcast software via U disk

TCL L65E5800A-UD installs the sofa housekeeper through U disk, other models of TCL L65E5800A-UD can also refer to this tutorial. Installation process 1 Download the sofa housekeeper installation file to U disk / SD card → 2U disk connection TCL L65E5800A-UD â†

How to judge the quality of LED ultra-thin panel lights

LED ultra-thin panel light can be said to be the best representative of Led energy-saving lamps. It not only has an ultra-thin appearance, but also achieves effective energy saving, long service life, no radiation, and high brightness. This ultra-thin panel downlight can be said to be the best ligh