Ai Lang home theater audio how to set up surround [picture]

How to set the Ailang home theater sound system to surround the sound of all five speakers, the first two days or surround sound, but these two days are not enough, how is it? Next, the author comes to talk about how to set up surround sound, and the precautions in the whole process.

Love Wave surround set up cheats

1, to confirm there are five-channel audio input, no there will be no effect of surround sound.
2, if the amplifier comes with decoding function, take a look at the output setting is not on the five-channel output.
3, surround speaker amplifier power volume needs to open

Note: There are output channels selected on the remote controller or host panel. Usually five channels, front left and right channels, etc., five sound output is generally used to enjoy large movies with good results, normal left and right channels for music.

In addition, when the host receives five speakers, the remote controller or the host panel usually has a self-test function button. After selecting the self-test, each speaker will hear a separate sound for user identification and positioning!

Surround setting speaker placement law

1, for the 5.1 speaker, it is based on 4.1 speakers in the center of a central speaker added, dedicated to play movie dialogue and vocals and other sound effects.

The center speaker can be placed above the display or on the desktop in front of the display, requiring that it line up with the two main speakers in front to face the listener, can be on the same plane and have the same height as possible, and can also be The center speaker moves slightly back, but the front is still parallel to the front main speakers, so as to achieve satisfactory sound playback. If it is too high, the voice will appear to be pressed down from above. Too low will cause the dialogue to be dwarfed.

2, 7.1 speaker placement, focusing on four surround speakers. It can be placed or hung on the listener's left front, left rear, right front, and rear right side positions (on the wall or speaker stand), facing the listener and placed in a face-to-face manner, with a height approximately higher than the listener. When sitting 60 to 90 centimeters above the head, ensure that the left two speakers and the right two speakers are on the same line.

In addition, the left front and right front surround speakers should be in the same plane as the pair of surround speakers behind, in addition to a straight line perpendicular to the listener and computer screen.

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