Counterattack rumors? Microsoft showcases Win8 on all major ARM platforms

Counterattack rumors? Microsoft showcases Win8 on all major ARM platforms It seems to be counterattacking that the release of the ARM version of Windows 8 from the day before yesterday was not going well and the release time will be delayed. At the just-concluded conference, Microsoft publicly demonstrated the effects of running Windows 8 Consumer Preview on all ARM mainstream platforms, including NVIDIA Tegra 3, and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and TI OMAP 5, which are not yet officially on the market. By the way, Intel Clover Trail, which is more powerful than the previous brothers but far weaker than the mainstream of the desktop, is the new 32nm Atom series (non-mobile phones and some flat-panel Medfields). It also includes a kick to prove that Windows 8 really requires configuration. not tall.

Microsoft Windows Division BOSS Sinofsky claimed that the above four platforms will be supported for the first time when Windows 8 is officially released, although the Xiaolong S4 may have just officially shipped and OMAP 5 is still in the engineering sample stage. In addition, the above four platforms support similar standby networking features for smartphones/Intel Ultrabooks, and can still receive e-mails and SNS updates such as Twitter and Facebook when they are in hibernation.

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