Apple's new iPad to reproduce overheating issues

With Apple’s new generation iPad coming on the market, users’ feedback has increased, and their product issues are constantly emerging. Recently, some users reported on the overheating problem of the new iPad in related technology product forums. From the situation reflected by users, the hot area seems to be located in the lower left corner of the new iPad.

According to one user, in the worst case, overheating will cause the iPad to shut down and pop up a message saying “The iPad needs cooling”. The new iPad specification states that the operating temperature of the product is between 0 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius.

It is reported that product overheating issues are not uncommon for Apple products. Apple's previous two generations of iPads have had overheating problems. The obvious difference from the iPad 2 is that the new iPad is equipped with a larger battery and a faster chip, so it will inevitably emit more heat. But like all Apple iOS devices, the new iPad does not have a cooling fan. According to industry experts, Apple has been very strict in product configuration in order to protect its high profit margins. This means that Apple's cost control on the iPad will inevitably shrink in terms of materials, hardware, etc., and its related issues will naturally continue to emerge.

Li Zhongcun, who is responsible for the industry’s Web site’s technology news, told reporters that with Google’s Android system’s continued emboldening, Apple’s new product launches and operating system upgrades are also fraught with confusion. With the acceleration of iOS development speed, various problems have gradually begun to appear, and may become a big problem for Apple in the future.

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