Broadman Introduces Joseph Brodmann 205 Speaker

Broadman Introduces Joseph Brodmann 205 Speaker Brodmann Broadman announced the launch of the new Joseph Brodmann 205 series top loudspeaker system, featuring a piano resonance cavity design, excellent tone range and sound quality, dimensions (height x width x depth): 2051 x 454 x 330 mm ( Including ASB base, weight 75 kg. The overseas pricing discount contract is about 1 million yuan.

Battery charging stations may be installed anywhere within the system where the production process allows the AGV to stop (staging areas, turn arounds, loading stops etc.).

A battery charging contact consists of a base plate, which is installed on the floor or laterally at a bracket adjacent of the AGV runway, and a current collector which is installed on the vehicle.

A Battery Charger supplies current to the base plate. Once the AGV is in charging position and the collector has made contact with the base plate, the AGV computer turns on the current.

The base plate has chamfered entry/exit ramps to facilitate smooth drive-on/drive-off of the spring loaded collector. 

AGV Charging Support

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