About the installation of the home theater projection system

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] More and more families have to install projections, because I always give customers a projection system, then write a meticulous and practical, smelly and long answer, to eat at the Spring Festival. The dead souls of chicken, duck, fish and shrimp.

Note: Projection is a small system project. Because it is a system, it is related to each other, so it cannot be answered separately according to the form of the main question. Here, we will start with the timeline of the newly renovated room. Suitable for most situations where the system budget ranges from 1-5 million.

1: Determine the size of the curtain according to the living environment

The size of the curtain is generally not recommended to be less than 100 inches, because 80-inch LCD TVs are already a lot, and small-sized screens are difficult to achieve immersive effects, but in vain increase the trouble of design and installation. My personal suggestion is that Ningda is not small. Generally speaking, a 30-square-meter room is suitable for installing a 16:9 120-inch-inch screen. Sometimes I will hear people complain that the curtain is too big or too small. It is often said, "I think the curtain is still a little small, and the momentum can't come out." Or "I think the curtain is too big, and the left and right can't take care of it. All of them have turned sour." The former is really regretful, the latter is really showing off. Do not think that holding a projection film every day will make dry eye cervical spondylosis, most of the program source is the central view, the film of the big scene of Transformers is less than a few, IMAX is not tired. Sorry, I have a little problem. For a small room of about 20 square meters or less, you can consider a curtain of about 100 inches, and a 40 square meter room, usually start at 133 inches, and a room of more than 60 square meters, such as a villa, is recommended to be 180 inches or more. The above is a rough size selection based on the room area, which is relatively simple. The following should be noted, which is slightly more complicated.

Whether the height of the room satisfies the size of the curtain, the method of determining is as follows: the net height of the floor to the roof - the effective height of the screen (that is, the actual screen height), if the value obtained is greater than 1000mm, it is properly The problem, if it is less than 800mm, it is recommended to choose a small curtain.

Whether the chandelier of the room satisfies the installation height, the method of determination is as follows, the value obtained by the previous one is -400, and if the value obtained is greater than the height of the chandelier, there is no problem. Otherwise, the size of the curtain needs to be reduced or a short chandelier or Select a projector with lens shift function.

Whether the projector is installed properly or not, the larger the screen, the farther the projector is from the size of the screen. Take the 16:9 120-inch screen as an example. The conventional home projector is installed at a position of 3.6-7.6 meters. The distance to the curtain~ Don't forget the distance between the curtain and the depth of the projector and the projector's butt at least 100mm for wiring or heat dissipation. If it is beyond this category, the choice of projector type is much smaller. Here are a few minor items to note:

Try to avoid the dark line on the roof without ceiling. The roof can not be slotted according to the regulations. The hdmi line is very thick, and there is almost no suspense to hit the steel. Try to avoid installing the projector hanger on the ceiling. If you do not change the ceiling design, you need to reinforce the ceiling keel.

Try to avoid the projector from deviating greatly from the center of the screen. The projector with the lens shift off the center line is easy to make the left and right brightness of the screen uneven, without the lens shifting using the trapezoidal correction projector, eccentricity and low installation Both will greatly detract from the picture quality.

Try to avoid being too close to the central air-conditioning vents. The central air-conditioning vents are easy to cause dust accumulation inside the machine, and even the wind causes the screen to shake.

Try to avoid the full or full design of the design in the nearest or farthest distance of the effective projection distance, leaving room for adjustment, and the lens has a sweet zone, the effect of the two ends is not as good as the middle (although not obvious).

If all of the above are passed, then a realistic projection screen size is obtained. Sprinkle flowers ~ ~ sprinkle flowers ~ ~

2: Determine the projector model according to the size of the screen, the living environment, and the budget range.

There are many brand models of projectors. Some of the parameters are quite high, and the price is quite low. On the contrary, there are both value-added and gimmicks. The middle doorway will not be discussed here. After all, this is not Zhongguancun Online. In the current mainstream household machines in the market, the machines below 78,000 are low-end machines, and the low-end (also the most mainstream) is about 15,000. The 30,000 or so is a watershed in the middle and high-end machines, and more than 100,000 households. The machine is generally the home flagship of several big manufacturers, that is, high-end machines, and of course, there are occasional small people who use the small braco to play Need for Speed. The reason why it is positioned in the whole system is 1-5 million, because high-end machine users are generally too lazy to look at the answer, directly looking for designers to get out of the package. Simply face ~ is crisp ~ ~ my habit of running the problem is really not changed.

Let's use the previously obtained screen size to reverse the brightness of the projector. Multiply the area of ​​the screen (square feet) by 16-36, or take the 120-inch 16:9 screen as an example. The length and width are 104.6 inches and 58.8 inches = 6150.5. Square inch = 42.7 square feet, curtain area 42.7 square feet * 16-36 = 683-1537, if the color of the wall, ceiling, and floor of the room is close to all black and not reflective, then this value is taken as 16 and vice versa. Take 36. According to the standard, it should be 12-16fL, so take 16-36, because 12-16 is a cinema based on full light absorption environment, and the home projector light source attenuation is steep, and there is almost no full light absorption environment. For a room with a typical white wall finish, wooden floor, white roof, and wood-coloured furniture, it is reasonable to take around 30. 42.7*30=1281, ok, which means that in a typical room just mentioned, a 120-inch 16:9 white curtain with a gain of 1.0 uses a brightness of around 1300 lumens. The projector is the most basic. In view of the false standard of many manufacturers, it is also possible to select a high brightness. The nominal brightness is the maximum brightness of the projector. The lamp has a short working life in this mode (the actual attenuation is 1000 hours). It's very good.) Turning the 2000 lumens machine to medium brightness, the lamp life is greatly extended, and the noise of the cooling fan when the machine is running is much smaller. It is a good habit to leave redundancy.

Few people want to make the room a black and fall-free cinema. Under this premise, the waist further pursues effects, such as 3D, or strong picture contrast, then you can choose a higher brightness model, but high brightness can easily cause the dark part of the picture to be dark. This requires the cooperation of the screen (mentioned later)

Look at the brightness of mainstream projectors (note that the brightness value is based on the ANSI standard). It will be found that more than 10,000 models are mostly at 1300-2400 lumens, assuming the same light-toned room environment, the same 1.0 gain. White curtains, the curtain is increased to 150 inches (66.8 square feet), which requires 2000 lumens as the basic configuration, the corresponding choice will be less, the price is higher.

In addition to brightness, the projector has several important indicators, contrast, grayscale, and color temperature. However, as an ordinary household, there is no need to entangle these items too much. Each manufacturer is also good at saying that each of these indicators is basically a penny and a piece of goods. In the same period, machines with similar prices and brightness, The final effect will not be too different. For the same reason, don't count on the money. The 200000:1 contrast machine can counter the 2000:1 mid-to-high-end and even flagship models.

After the projector brightness and contrast range are roughly locked, further screening is performed according to the installation position of the projector. Common installation methods include hoisting front projection, flat front projection, and low installation due to offset and rear projection. I won't go into details. The hoisting front projection is suitable for all models, while the flat front projection is not suitable for models without lens shifting. The flat throwing machine is suitable for being placed at the front of the sofa or behind the wall cabinet. For room layouts above 5.5 meters, consider putting the projector in a few places. In summary, if hoisting, there is no need to shift the lens, otherwise it is best to choose a model with lens shift.

As for the LCD or DLP? 1080P or 4K? The rest of the parameters basically do not affect the design and installation, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, self-comparative research, here is not far away, when it comes to mention here, many people are easy to zoom than this parameter Linked to the projection distance, there is no direct connection between the two, just that the zoom is more flexible than a large machine installation.

3: Determine the type of curtain according to the room environment, projector parameters, budget

The color of the curtain is usually white, gray, and black (the amount is very small). The advantage of the white screen is that it is relatively cheap and easy to match most of the home environment. The disadvantage is that it is in a non-all-light-absorbing environment. It is easy to make the dark part of the picture dark, that is, the contrast is not high. The gray screen is mainly to solve the problem of sacrificing a little highlight in the environment with light disturbance and compensating for the contrast, because the human eye has a large nonlinearity for the brightness perception above 100 lux, so the appropriate attenuation of the highlight is not Obvious disadvantage. Intuitively speaking, when the brightness of the projector is sufficient and the collocation is reasonable, the gray screen looks richer in level, the white screen is suitable for the projector with low brightness, or there is no user with experience.

The gain of the screen and the choice of viewing angle, the common gain range is from 0.8 to 2.0 times, the curtain does not emit light, the so-called gain refers to the white wall as the standard (ie gain 1.0), in general, the greater the gain, The larger the picture, but the smaller the angle of view, the more uneven the brightness of the picture (two in the middle and the dark in the middle). For home use, the recommended gain is not more than 1.5 times.

The material selection of the curtain, commonly known as bead surface, PVC surface, PET surface, metal surface, sound-permeable surface, transparent surface.

The advantage of the bead surface is that it is cheaper and has a higher gain. It is suitable for not pursuing effects in a bright environment. For display-oriented occasions, such as classrooms and conference halls, ppt demonstrations. The downside is that the look and feel of the home is rather bad, and it takes a long time to accumulate ash and it cannot be rubbed. There are also many bead curtains that will turn yellow in a few years.

The price of pvc is similar to that of glass beads. The gain is generally around 1.0. It can be wiped. It belongs to the middle column of the curtain. It is a choice that does not cause serious errors.

The price of pet is much higher than that of pvc. The main difference compared with pvc is that the curtain is more delicate (pvc surface is similar to the bumpy particles of lizard skin, and the pet surface is similar to white paper). The commercial propaganda is pet suitable for HD, my personal The supervisor's perception is: no difference is seen~~

The pvc and pet curtains are a bit quite big, and they can be almost the same in half a month.

The metal surface can achieve a very high gain (more than 2.0). The price is very expensive, it can be wiped, and the stability is the best, but the family is rarely used, because he is really too bright~~

The sound-permeable surface is mainly used to match the advanced sound system. Some customers who have high sound requirements want the center speaker to be in the middle of the screen instead of placing the center under the screen, because it can achieve good sound and picture consistency (playing movies) At the time, the vocal dialogue was almost entirely sent by the center speaker. Most families will not invest a lot of money for this detail experience, so there is no need to consider it in the system of 10,000 to 50,000. Just fine, he ~ ~ too expensive ~ ~

The translucent surface will not be used any more, but it is still popular. The rear projection of the projector needs to be used. For example, on the stage, the actor is on the stage. If you are casting, the actor’s shadow will appear on the screen. The projection is placed on the back of the curtain, and the problem is solved. The curtain is light-transparent, the back is glazed, and the front is displayed. Do you suspect that the inspiration is from the shadow play of the ancestors~~ Some shop windows will use similar curtains. I can’t put the projection on the sidewalk, and wait for the city’s elder brother to confiscate it~~

The structure of the curtain is selected. The common structure is fixed, bracket type, lifting type (for lifting screen, electric, manual, normal and cable type)

The fixed type is the frame picture that is often said. The back of the screen can be equipped with embedded speakers. The screen can't be folded. The advantage is that the price is not too expensive. The biggest advantage is that it can be used as a curved screen with the wall surface. The biggest advantage is the curtain. The surface is very flat and stable. The biggest advantage is that the size can be very large and large. 300 inches? No problem. If you want, IMAX can fix the fixed screen, but I suggest buying it directly. A movie theater is a good deal. The downside is that there is only one, you need a separate audio-visual room. Then, 95% of people want to fight me.

Bracket type, aliased barrage, pull-up screen, suitable for frequent mobile or temporary use of rental, do not consider the home, this curtain is basically no more than 100 inches, and you have the heart to watch the TV cabinet in front of it? A super large fragrant incense box?

The lifting screen is the most common in the home. It is installed on the roof, concealed by the ceiling, and has a wide range of sizes. There are many kinds of products. It is recommended to use electric lifting screens. When the curling occurs, the Z-axis bends on the left and right curtains, and some oblique waves appear at the indefinite position in the screen, so if the screen size is larger than 120 inches, it is best to select the cable. Curtain, the pull screen is placed on the left and right sides of the elastic rope (the woman's waistline, thin woman) bent to the center, using the weight of the metal rod at the bottom of the curtain to generate tension to the sides to resist the curling of the curtain And twill.

The size of the screen and the projector model have been determined before, and then you can choose and match according to the characteristics of different screens. There are several typical cases, light room, 120-inch screen, 1500 lumens projector, you can choose electric lift. White plastic curtain, this is the most economical and error-free combination, the screen + projector can be fixed 10,000. If you want the effect to be better, use a 2000 lumen projector, with a gray screen, look at the Budapest Grand Hotel, it is also installed to force the art, 15,000 can get. Reloading some, 20,000 buy a 2000D lumens 3D projector + gain high gray screen, see Transformers will be a little dizzy. If the room is dark, you can pursue better results, such as choosing a 1500 lumens, but the color reproduction, contrast ratio of the projector, coupled with a high quality cable pet white screen, 40,000 is almost Can take it.

The price ratio of the curtain and the projector is about 1:5-1:10. It is more reasonable, but this is not absolute. It is only for the reference of 1-5 million systems.

The main principle is to use the characteristics of the screen to improve the contrast of the screen under the limited budget, first of all, to ensure the brightness.

As for other factors, there is no brightness, contrast is so serious, brightness is guaranteed to be visible, contrast is guaranteed to be clear, and these two points are met. Consider other factors, you can be nitpicking, but not powder inversion.

4: Determine the installation position of the projector and the screen according to the projector model and the screen size.

I have already mentioned some precautions about the installation position of the projector (1: Determine the size of the curtain according to the living environment / paragraphs 4 and 5). It is recommended again here, no matter whether it is hoisted or laid flat on the coffee table, try not to offset the installation. Try to be consistent with the normal of the curtain center. I am an egg: seeing this sentence are all good children who can calm down and see. I don't need to wish you to study hard every day. If you want to comment, please use two periods as the end of the comment. .

Let's talk about the installation position of the curtain. Generally speaking, the curtain is located in the center of the wall. It is both beautiful and easy to match with the sound system. There is often a relatively wide wall with a door on one side and a TV wall on the other. In the same way, from the edge of the door to the edge of the wall, you can take it, and it is best to reserve more than 400mm of empty space on the left and right sides for the speaker. In most cases, the choice of projection and TV coexistence, which needs to take into account the space of the TV, pre-calculation of the thickness of the TV installation is necessary, and then at least 50mm spacing, if there is a TV cabinet, you also need to consider the TV cabinet Whether it will affect the lower edge of the curtain, if the TV cabinet is very high, or if it is planned to place a taller decoration and objects on the TV cabinet, then the distance from the wall of the curtain should be increased beyond the distance of the TV cabinet door, such as 600mm ( TV cabinet + TV cabinet back space + security reserved).

The height of the curtain is fixed, but the height of the lifting screen is fixed, but the height of the room is uncertain, so the black side of the screen can be customized. The purpose is to make the screen suitable for viewing after being placed down. If the curtain is fixed, it is also the same. There will be a high degree of problem. Regardless of the kind of curtain, the principle is that the height of the sitting position is high, that is, the height of the eye sitting on the sofa (the height of the seat of the 175-height is about 900mm) is the height of the center of the picture, but it should be noted that sometimes The large-scale screen (such as 120 inches or more) has a height center of more than 750mm, and the distance from the bottom of the screen to the ground often makes the height exceed the sitting height. In this case, if the height is about 10 cm, the problem is not big. If it is much higher, you can reduce the size of the curtain, or reduce the ground clearance of the curtain. Pay attention to reduce the ground clearance to avoid the TV cabinet, and The infrared transponder is installed at the bottom of the TV cabinet. Because the screen is placed to block the machine in the TV cabinet, you can't control the remote control. The infrared relays dozens of sets. The receiving head is placed on the ground or below the center speaker. The launcher hides. In the cabinet, the TV cabinet can also be made into an opaque door panel and a heat-dissipating structure, which is relatively neat.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the position of the sofa in the future will block the projection light path, otherwise the shadow of the human head will be cast on the curtain, then the sad reminder~

If you want to pursue a very large curtain, the sofa is far away from the curtain, but you still have to look up. This situation is recommended to reduce the size of the curtain, unless it is a separate audio-visual room, can do the ladder like a movie theater. The height of the sofa is raised.

When designing the ceiling with the curtain, try to design the screen installation position on the roof. The curtain is relatively heavy. The operation will cause the motor to vibrate. If it is placed on the ceiling keel, it is not safe, but the ceiling is lifted when lifting the curtain. It will follow the resonance and the sound will be louder.

The size of the cassette can be designed as the length of the screen cover +150mm, the width is +50mm. For example: the size of the screen is 3000mm*100mm. The size of the cassette is 3150*150. If you want the cassette to be more delicate, you can make a removable bottom plate and close it. Open at the bottom, leave the curtain lifting space, and then install it after the screen is installed and debugged. Make the dimensions accurately and reserve the expansion joints.

5: Determine the embedded line according to the projector interface and expected implementation function

The projector usually has several hdmi interfaces, and some also have a dp interface and a dvi interface. These are the preferred transmission schemes. As for the vga and the color difference interface or even the bnc, ignore them. Because the transmission distance is far, and most people will choose to take the dark line for aesthetic reasons, how to economically and easily use the projector to connect to each front-end device needs to be designed. The more mature solution is that multiple front-end devices, such as set-top boxes, game consoles, htpcs, etc., are connected in a cabinet to a video amplifier with multiple HDMI inputs, and then output to the projector by the power amplifier. An amplifier can buy a reliable domestically produced foreign brand around 2000. You only need to press it on the remote control to switch the audio and video signals to the projector and audio system at the same time. From this perspective, a hdmi line from the amplifier to the projector is sufficient. The specific plan varies from person to person. It can only be said that this is the case. After all, it does not fall within the scope of this problem.

The socket and signal line interface need to be set near the projector. The power socket is preferably set to a five-hole socket with a switch, so that when the projector is not used for a long time, it is not necessary to press the projector's rocker switch to avoid fine-tuning the angle and then running. Bit. Hdmi should not be transported over long distances, try to control within 20 meters, and use qualified wire of 24AWG size. The softness is better. When conditions permit, it is best to set the hdmi line in the ceiling and use pvc with a diameter of 20mm or more. Line pipe protection, one line and one tube, bend the arc of the bend as much as possible. When threading, pour some talcum powder into the pvc pipe to facilitate the re-drawing of the wire in the future. When designing the line, try to stay away from the 220v wire. There are often spotlight transformers in the ceiling. It is better to keep the distance between the cable and the hdmi line at 200mm or more. The ends of the wire should be reserved for a length of one or two meters. Barge machine, for those who have strong hands-on ability or are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to find someone to pick up the hdmi plug, a line amplifier goes straight to the projector, which not only ensures the minimum signal attenuation, but also facilitates the bare wire above the projector. The length control is more neat and tidy.

The reserved control line of the curtain determines whether the control line of the curtain is on the left or right side, and is a line of several cores. The general curtain is a 4-core cable. For aesthetics and ease of installation, the 4-core sheathed cable is pre-embedded, one end is left in the corresponding position in the curtain cassette, and the other end is left in the cabinet, and the control switch is placed in the cabinet.

If you want to force higher, and the projection and screen control box have a trigger, you can also pre-bury it together to achieve projection and screen linkage.

6: Things to be aware of during construction are as follows

The above content needs to be completely designed in the early stage of construction. After measuring the detailed and accurate site size, it should be simulated on the computer, mainly to see if the projection light path will be blocked by chandeliers, sofas, etc. Once the plan is determined, do not construct and install later. Feel free to change, of course, it is not impossible to walk along with the construction. It is exciting to play! Previously, there was a customer, and the projector designed for him was placed on the custom-made bookcase on the back wall of the living room. The bookcase was originally designed to be 18mm thick. The horizontal partition, the customer called the manufacturer and said that he wanted to change the partition to 25mm, and did not inform me. After the cabinet was ready to be sent, the projector was found to be 5 cm higher than the established height. Just to reveal a shadow of four centimeters, the curtain could not be lowered. Finally, the chandelier was removed and sent back to the factory for resizing. To be honest, this kind of bug is too easy for people who haven't gotten through. Be careful and rigorous!

Example - Checking feasibility and sizing with 3D software

@ä¼ ä¼ ~~ Given that the plan for you is too typical, I used it as a textbook~~å’©~~

Example - Simulate the final result with 3D software

68-square-meter light-coloured living room made the year before

This is the approximate effect of simulating a 150 inch 16:9 white plastic screen.

This is the approximate effect of simulating a 180-inch 16:9 white plastic screen.

The owner had no concept of projection at the beginning, and after many persuasion, it was impressed by the following simulation map...

If you can't really see what word is written on the little black block in the middle, please click to enlarge ~~

In terms of dimensional accuracy, whether it is measurement, design, construction, installation and commissioning, all processes should be as high as possible, the unit is accurate to millimeters, no joke, no lens shifting machine, no matter whether it is up, down, left or right. Two or three centimeters, and finally use trapezoidal correction, look at the picture will be confused, 1080p directly change 720p, do not open trapezoidal correction, as you adjust, the picture is not always a regular rectangle, there is always a 1 cm oblique bevel! Most The decoration company can actually do this kind of fine work, only to see if you don't give money, and whether it will be compromised.

The five-line laser level is a must-have. It is constructed with millimeter precision on the scale of several meters. It is recommended that the construction team does not use the laser level to make a direct change. It is not a problem with the attitude or a problem with the brain~

Pay attention to the level of the roof of the projector hanger installation. If the inclination is severe, it is recommended to level the area.

Due to the large span, the roof of the screen installation area generally has a height difference. The installation should be assisted by a laser level meter. The coin pad is placed between the screen cover and the roof to adjust the left and right level of the screen. Otherwise, the screen is not easy to level.

When purchasing the curtain, the black side can be 10 cm more than the design size, and the screen can be adjusted automatically to the stop position.

Elevator, corridor problem, and finally remind the young guys who live in the building. When choosing the curtain, don’t forget to see if the length of the curtain can be transported into the house, especially those living in the upper floors, the house is big, want to buy 150-inch and above curtains. The boys ~ ~ first go upstairs to measure it.

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Note: This article turns to know the daily newspaper. The article is an independent view of the author and does not represent the position of the home theater network.

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