Talking about Switching Power Supply PCB Design

For the development of switching power supplies, PCB design plays an important role. A poor PCB, poor EMC performance, large output noise, weak anti-interference ability, and even basic functions are flawed. A little different from other hardware circuit PCBs, the switching p

Logitech G213 Guangzhou after-sale tour

The protagonist of this sale is the Logitech G213 in the test of Zhang Damo last December. Details can be found in my previous review. After using it for half a month, I discovered that the keys “L”, “,”, “.” of the keyboard had differen

With it, where do you like to drink coffee?

Coffee is a feeling and a way of thinking about life. For people who like coffee, it's better to have coffee and coffee than instant coffee. But when you go out, you can't carry the coffee machine with you. What should you do if you want to have a cup of coffee you

If this is not love - old machine XPS420+GTX1060

The lottery is not a good thing. If the gold coins are not drawn, they will not get anything. Therefore, they will earn gold coins again. Many years ago, exactly when it was 2008, I didn't want to assemble my own computer. I wanted to experience the convenience of the