Application of audio power amplifier drive circuit SF404

The SF404 audio power amplifier driver circuit is a product of Shanghai Radio 7 Factory. It can be equipped with a pair of power tubes and a small number of RC components. It can be an OTL or BTL power amplifier. The power amplifier composed of this circuit has a wide power supply voltage range a

UHV will enter a period of rapid development

It is reported that the State Grid has reported the "12th Five-Year Plan" of UHV power grids to the National Energy Administration for reference in the formulation of a national-level "12th Five-Year Plan" of the power grid. According to the plan of the State Grid, by

What is a laser mouse?

The laser mouse is actually an optical mouse, but it uses laser instead of ordinary LED light. The advantage is that more surfaces can be used because the laser is Coherent Light, a single wavelength that maintains its intensity and waveform even after long-distance propagation, while the

LED drive precision control method (with photos)

When it comes to LED driver accuracy, constant current error is usually thought of. In fact, the drive accuracy is not limited to current accuracy. LEDs are a typical current-driven device that precisely controls the LED drive current and determines many parameters including light ef

Ivy Bridge-E waits until the second half of next year

From the six-core Intel Core i7-3900 series processor, we have seen the kind of dominance and dominance, and the performance aspect has been ridiculous. Both the SNB and the bulldozer are only able to eat earth in the back. Perhaps it is because it is so powerful that neither the upcoming