Promoting LED energy-saving lamps must free consumers from misunderstanding

LED lighting is gradually accepted by ordinary consumers. It is worth noting that ordinary consumers have some misunderstandings about the emerging light source of LED:

Misunderstanding one, a few W LED bulbs can replace a few W incandescent lamps.

Because incandescent lamps usually only talk about wattage and not lumens, over time, it affects the habit of consumers to buy lamps. LED technology is different from incandescent lamps. Since the luminous efficacy of LEDs is still evolving, the wattage does not represent its lumens. Some manufacturers give a label similar to the "40W incandescent replacement product" on the packaging to help consumers buy.

To put it simply, W cannot be used to represent the luminous flux of an LED bulb.

Misunderstanding 2, the greater the LED power, the brighter the brightness.

It is generally believed that the greater the power of the LED, the greater the lumen of the light, the greater the luminous flux, which means that the brightness will be brighter. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The higher the lumen (lm) of the LED lamps of different power sizes, the higher the Energy saving, for example, compared to 7W and 8W LED bulbs, if the 7W lumen output is 8W higher, then the 7W lamp is actually more energy efficient than the 8W.

Troffer Light is rectangular light fixture that fits into a modular Dropped grid(i.e 2 by 2`or 2`by4)Led Troffer fixtures have typically been designed to accommodate standard flurescent lamps(T12,T8,T5)but are now often designned with integral LED Sources.Troffer Retrofit is typically recessed sitting above the ceiling grid but are also available in surface mount"boxes".BBIER Smart Technology intelligent light solution or continuous 0-10V dimming to 5% along with up to 130 LPW efficacy enables compliance with most nationwide energy codes.Troffer qualifies for DLC which enables enhanced rebates nationwide.Flat Panels and Troffers are LED lighting solutions that replace fluorescent fixtures in drop ceilings.Troffer lights are the obvious choice when it comes to installing lighting fixtures in hospitals, big offices and industrial environments.

Troffer Light

Troffer Light

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