Design of Video Buffer Based on MIMO Technology

In this paper, DDR SDRAM is used as a storage unit. Without changing the system clock, the clock double-edge is used to transmit data, and the transmission bandwidth of the chip with the same frequency is doubled on the basis of SDRAM, which satisfies the needs of high-bandwid

Audio design skills for portable multimedia players

In recent years, portable multimedia players have become the main force driving the growth of consumer electronics. Although the growth rate of the global MP3 market has slowed down, MP3s that provide high-quality audio quality are still in consumers' hearts. This shows th

Digital TV technology e-book introduction

"Digital TV Technology" elaborates on the basic theory, system composition, key technologies and various businesses of digital TV. "Digital TV Technology" has 9 chapters, focusing on digital video and audio technology and related standards, digital TV trans

Cloud Computing Implementation Scheme Based on ITIL

1 Introduction In the past ten years, most enterprises have invested almost astronomically in IT systems. Vendors are using their own IT technology to develop suitable application systems for different departments within the enterprise every day. For example, for the sales de