Focus on MWC 2016: TCL Communication Showcases D2D Solution

Barcelona time on February 22, 2016, at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC), as the world's leading mobile terminal manufacturer and active promoter of 5G technology, TCL Communications and Hong Kong The Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ASTRI) publicly demonstrated the terminal-to-terminal (D2D) solution demonstration system for the first time. This means that the application of TCL communication to the 5G field has risen to a new stage.

The picture shows the terminal-to-terminal (D2D) solution system demonstrated by TCL Communication at MWC.

D2D is a new generation cellular communication mode that allows mobile terminals to search for other terminals and communicate with each other without passing through the network. D2D technology has become the basis for 5G to achieve high reliability and low latency communication. D2D is used in a wide range of applications, from public safety communications requiring high reliability to real-time market messaging and audiovisual entertainment on mobile devices. As D2D technology continues to evolve, the technology will be applied in many fields such as industrial automation and high-definition multimedia streaming in local area networks.

TCL Communications demonstrated demonstrations of D2D multicast transmission and mobile terminal relay at the show. ASTRI's D2D solution is based on 3GPP LTE Release 12/13 physical layer technology and supports higher throughput, while also enabling dynamic information source selection to enable mobile terminals to automatically receive information from relay terminals or base stations as needed. In addition, using Software Defined Radio (SRD) and modular baseband processing modules, this solution can be upgraded in the future to support, for example, 5G Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication.

Actively promoted, TCL Communication's 2015 5G research results are remarkable

The importance of 5G technology is self-evident. With the development of China's telecommunications industry, Chinese companies have also played an increasingly important role in international competition, from the follow-up of 2G and 3G to the defense of 4G. As a leading international terminal equipment manufacturer, TCL Communication is one of the few terminal companies that have invested in 5G R&D in the early days. In recent years, TCL Communication has been committed to the research of 5G technology, and focuses on the use of 5G technology to enhance terminal collaboration and user experience, and stimulate more new applications and business models.

Looking back on 2015, TCL Communication made a key breakthrough in the promotion of the 5G project. Based on its open and innovative model, it has cooperated with SEQUANS COMMUNICATION and ASTRI Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, and gradually contributed to the research results of its 5G technology and participation in the formulation of relevant standards. In addition to the Shanghai Research Center, a 5G Innovation Lab was created in Paris, France in 2015. TCL Communication successfully created the User Equipment Demonstration System (UED). The UED system allows TCL communications and its partners to quickly validate various potential 5G technology solutions.

In 2014 and 2015, TCL Communication participated in the annual 5G Global Conference of the Future Mobile Communication Forum (FuTure Forum). In addition to the TCL 5G vision and plan, TCL Communication also actively participated in the discussion and compilation of relevant 5G technical white papers. At the same time, as a member of 3GPP, TCL Communication has proposed a number of technical proposals related to the fields of car networking communication, LTE-WIFI augmentation system, LAA, etc. in RAN1 and RAN2.

At the same time, TCL Communications joined the OpenAirinterface Software Alliance (OSA). The goal of OSA is to establish and promote an open source 5G platform, which will become an important catalyst for cooperation between enterprises and research institutions, and this is the future 5G innovation ecosystem. Core. TCL Communication has become one of OSA's strategic partners, as well as OSA's strategic partners and well-known companies and research institutions such as Eurecom and Orange.

Continue to exert strength, TCL Communication will continue to deepen multi-party cooperation in 2016

At the exhibition, TCL Communication revealed its key goal in the 5G project in 2016: in terms of resources, it will strengthen 5G open laboratories and master more key resources in the field of wireless R&D by cooperating with more universities and research institutions; In terms of research, we will continue to expand and strengthen 5G research through its scientific research projects established in China and Europe. In the standard setting, we will participate more actively and deeply in the formulation of 5G standardization, and demonstrate 5G related technologies in the UE demonstration system.

Future 5G applications mean that users can achieve faster downloads and information flow through their smartphones. Therefore, the research and terminal application development of 5G communication technology has always been an important direction for the future development strategy of TCL communication. How to use the 5G "window" to consolidate its differentiated market competitiveness through the development and accumulation of technology is an important topic of TCL communication in recent years. From its current 5G strategic layout, TCL Communication has been steadily under the guidance of the Group's “Double+” strategy. It not only actively develops 5G technology, seeks multi-party cooperation, but also contributes to the standardization of the communication industry.

In 2016, TCL Communication will continue to search for better opportunities to promote the development of 5G technology and terminal equipment. At the same time, TCL Communication hopes that through the launch of OSA's open source plan and UE demonstration system, more companies and research institutions will join the 5G team and become a member of the future 5G ecosystem.

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