Excerpted by the "bad" LED lights

1. The shadow table lamp of the funnel

It comes from the designer Kevin Depape, not only to illuminate, but also to accommodate small objects and express their feelings.

This small table lamp consists of two parts, the upper part is a wooden "lid", which is equipped with LED light source, and the lower part is a "container" made of rough milky white glass. It is 312mm high and 268mm in diameter. It is a good choice to place small items such as necklaces, earrings and watches.

It is another welcoming use to convey your feelings. You can write a message, place it, and then light it up. Is this way more romantic than simply saying " Drink more hot water" on WeChat?

2, all flowable (Panta Rei) table lamp

The outer shell of the lamp is a wooden square frame with a plurality of thickness levels filled with a light-transmissive material. There are two shapes of square and round, which are advanced from the outer layer to the inner layer, and a magnetic pole sliding track is mounted therein. The lamp tube also has a small square with magneticity. The square is placed on the upper silver-white track and slides back and forth. The inner tube will also slide along. The light will appear due to the layering of the lamp cover. A moving effect.

3, w103 floor lamp

Originally designed as a table lamp, it is used for work and study. It draws on the design style of traditional industrial mechanical lamps. It looks like a children's umbrella and a long lamp arm. There is a relatively small lampshade on the shelf. It looks small and cute. Mix and match different color elements to create a unique lighting experience.

It has a tabletop in the middle that can be used to place objects such as books and teacups. Its lamp arm has a vertical design that can be adjusted up and down. It can be adjusted to its own height, upright or tilted, so that users can adjust the brightness according to their needs.

4, floating lights

Renting a house is the normal state of people who work hard outside. While we spit on the bad taste of the landlord, we were too lazy to buy new items; while we missed the warmth and exquisiteness of our hometown, we were sighing at the renting house. I think that after a while, it is possible to live in an easy-to-earth place. "Come alive" is the so-called truth. The main criterion for selecting objects is "availability."

The highlight of "Floating Light" is not only the strange contrast of its solid wood weight of one kilogram but the surname "floating", but also that it allows you to manually move the wall of the rented room without worrying about the wall. Leave evidence of obvious crime. The designer used the hook-free fixing method of the nails, which will cause damage to the wall, which is greatly reduced compared with the traditional tack-wall.

5, white mushroom lamp

Lampyre was first released by Ligne Roset in 2007 and this time it was updated at the show. Regarding the design of this lamp, its designers said that they wanted to design a lamp that would make people feel comfortable everywhere. Indeed, at first glance, Lampyre does have a warm and comfortable feeling.

In terms of design, it is made of two pieces of emulsified glass. The whole body is pure and white, which makes the light become natural and soft. In appearance, it looks like a mushroom, a round mushroom head with a cylindrical lamp body, all transparent design, there is no extra debris on the lamp body, the lamp adopts touch design, gently touch The brightness can be adjusted. There are two sizes of lights, the small version can be used in the bedroom, and the large version can be used in the living room.

6, Footmen smart lights

A Russian-based designer, St.Petersburg, a joint design company, Fotogen, designed a luminaire called Footmen. They found that although the lights provided us with lighting, the lights were quite troublesome; but when we were outside, we couldn't hold the lights in our hands. Although the ancient lanterns had poor lighting effects, they were easy to carry. They also wanted to design such a luminaire, so the Footmen was born.

The lamp is designed for charging and can be used for up to five hours on a single charge. If you prefer, you can make a reservation on the Fotogen website and it is expected to be available this month.

7, the light is bright

This is a lamp based on touch technology that uses organic fabric as a lampshade. Similar to the way people used a wooden stick to rub fire in ancient times, they can open the table lamp by rubbing them with the hands at the bottom of the lamp. The lamp can be extinguished by covering the top of the lamp with your hand. Unlike Nendo's paper lanterns designed for "Taniguchi? Aoki and Paper", it is not as thin as a foil lamp that can be arbitrarily changed in shape, but has its own personality.

8, solar portable sensor light

The solar portable light is an intelligent sensor light that automatically detects the movement in the dark and lights up. It is internally equipped with a neodymium magnet, which has an adsorption force and is convenient for use in different places. The lamp's touch dimmer supports self-adjusting the brightness of the light.

Its solar panels and LED lights are distributed at the bottom. Charging by solar energy for up to 6 months.

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