Which of the 2835 lamp beads is strong?

In recent years, the 2835 lamp bead market has not been able to get on fire. Many manufacturers have invested in the 2835 lamp bead production line. They are small enough to produce small packaging factories in the market, and big companies that have already been listed. The so-called forest is big,

Industrial IoT framework is coming soon

In early 2015, Industrial Internet will launch a broad IoT reference architecture, strengthen three test platforms, and begin to identify the differences in new standard requirements. The team, which was founded in March of this year by AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM, and Intel, no

Q&A speaker and sound solution 15 questions

1. What is a coaxial speaker? The general speakers, tweeters and woofers are arranged flat on the panel of the speaker, so their vocal centers cannot coincide with one point, so the difference between the treble and the bass reaching the listener is different. The phase deviati

LED package leader Yiguang wins huge orders from Philips

LED packaging faucet factory Everlight confirmed in December that it received a huge number of orders from Philips. In order to meet the demand of Philips, Everlight announced on the 24th that it will expand its production plan of NT$30 billion (equivalent to RMB 5.861 billion) for five years. &q