Rational view of LED light biosafety issues

Recently, "LED bio-safety" or "LED blue-light hazard", like tainted milk powder and plasticizer, has been widely concerned by the public and the media, and even some representatives and CPPCC members have proposed to solve the "LED Blu-ray hazard". Before, the applicati

Kitchen appliances enter the era of energy saving

Compared to white electricity, there will be a business opportunity in the kitchen electrical industry in recent years. Kitchen appliances are the smallest category of household appliances affected by foreign brands, so domestic companies are free to expand their land. For example, the Nin

How is a cheap iPhone "cheap"?

There are several rumours that the price of the cheap iPhone is less than $400, about RMB 2400, and about 2600. It's hard to believe that (although the credibility of cheap iPhones is very high, there are manufacturers in Shenzhen that have been making inexpensive accessories for the i

ARM: We are more mature than X86

The mobile device market is fiercely competitive. Currently, the mainstream computing cores are mostly adopting Cortex series chips introduced by ARM, including Qualcomm, NVIDIA, TI, and MediaTek. But in addition, Intel, the leading X86 architecture vendor that has dominated the desktop PC

Novelty wireless cloud storage box

The recent Taipei Computex 2013 exhibited a variety of novelty accessories, many of which are eye-catching products from appearance to function. Superbooks, tablets, and smartphones are the protagonists. In addition to these "basics", Acer also launched an online cloud storage bo

Design of fire control computer interface circuit

0 Preface The fire control computer is an important part of the entire fire control system, just like the human brain, and is also the intermediate link between the search and tracking system and the weapon aiming system in the fire control system. During the combat process, t