PV development requires third-party data support

In recent days, a seemingly grand photovoltaic company selection activity has been criticized by the industry and the media due to the possibility of data fraud. The lack of authoritative and neutral data has even made many award-winning companies frank: “The inaccuracy of the data h

Evaluation: ilumi Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

In the smart home, turning on the light has become quite boring. Several light bulbs change colors and respond to APP commands, which are already too common. Philips' Hue opens up the innovative domino effect, but it also has a lot of limitations, such as it requires a WiFi Hub to work. Ilumi be

LED era, how long ULEDs can retain

In 2003, for the Chinese TV manufacturing industry, it was a year worth remembering forever. This year, China's TV manufacturing industry completed the industrial layout of the CRT picture tube. However, China’s CRT TV did not experience explosive growth. Instead