LED lighting homogenization fight price problems

The elimination of incandescent bulbs and the fact that LED lights are on is a trend, but it is not as fast and comprehensive as the national ministries and commissions require. On the one hand, the price advantage of incandescent light bulbs relative to LED is still present in the short t

Nanchang will build the first solar landscape road

The Nanchang Low-carbon City Development Plan aims to build a low-carbon energy system, promote the development and application of new energy such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and shallow geothermal energy, and encourage the application of “green energy” in the

Battery detection and repair method

For the maintenance of lead-acid batteries, it is necessary to first understand the structure and principle of lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid sealed batteries consist of positive and negative plates, separators and electrolytes, battery cells and connecting strips (or lead par