The success of Hua's home lighting Huayunguang (Figure)

Guzhen, Huaxing Road, No. 3 Aihua's home lighting market, Huayunguang arrived 15 minutes later. After receiving the call from Hua Yunguang’s assistant, I got up and checked the items, camera, voice recorder, interview book, outline, etc. before leaving, and then watched the watch 15 min

Electronic Lighting New World: White LED/HB-LED

Editor's note: Since the introduction of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) in 1962 (using GaAsP materials, red LEDs), after one or two decades of development, there are generally several types of applications as follows: 1. Visible LEDs, Status light indication, toy, Christmas tree lighting 2. Infrare

Nichia and Cree expand LED patent cross-licensing

As part of an extended collaboration on LED patents, Nichias claims against Cotco, a subsidiary of Cree, have been resolved. LED makers Cree and Nichia have agreed to expand the patent cross-license arrangements between the two companies. The agreements were announced in 2002 And 2005 . The new ag