Touch and display driver integration situation, domestic manufacturers are not far behind

In the field of flat display, especially for small and medium-sized screens for smartphones and tablets, the integration trend of touch (Touch) and display driver (ITD) integration has become clear. Because of this, in the past year or so, international touch and display driver IC manufacturers have initiated mergers and acquisitions, paving the way for display and touch IC integration: in April 2014, touch IC manufacturers Duntai acquired display driver IC Factory Xu Yao; In June of the same year, SynapTIcs acquired Renesas SP Drivers, a panel driver IC supplier for US$470 million; Spectrum has also joined the ITD camp not long ago, for which it acquired Cypress for US$100 million. Plass' mobile device touch technology department; in recent days, the industry has exposed heavy news, MediaTek's Morningstar subsidiary Chenfa will acquire the driver IC manufacturer.

The ITD is unstoppable, and manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have been moving frequently, attracting people's attention. As everyone knows, as the backbone of flat-display IC manufacturers in the mainland, JiChuang North has always adhered to a pragmatic style, closely following the cutting-edge technology of the industry, correctly judging and controlling market trends, and has already started the research and development of ITD. Just around the corner.

As an IC design company specializing in flat-panel display, we have a complete product line including LCD/OLED driver, touch, timing control (TCON), power management (PMU) and interface chip. We are the only one in mainland China. The display screen, IC design company with both touch and display chip design capabilities, and the team's technical level is at the same starting line as the world's leading manufacturers. Therefore, Jitron has the advantage of technological integration for ITD research and development.

In order to realize In-Cell and ITD, there are many technical challenges, such as: the amount of touch change is small, the OGS screen typically has a rate of change of more than 10%, and the In-Cell screen rate of change is less than 3%. The requirements for detection accuracy have been greatly improved. The solution for the acquisition is to improve the LCD design, adjust the screen structure, reduce the barrier of the DATA ITO to the electric field lines, and increase the touch sensitivity by 10%, and in terms of process technology, BOM cost, etc. Optimized; in response to the problem of serious signal attenuation due to large RC delay, short liquid crystal charging time affecting picture quality, JiChuang has its own patented technology, which can significantly improve signal energy, shorten response time and make images clearer; In terms of TCON, we have developed an interface technology with independent intellectual property rights, which can significantly improve chip integration and signal transmission rate compared to the traditional LVDS interface.

On the way to ITD, Jitron has introduced a number of heavyweight products through years of technical accumulation, step by step. In terms of touch, there are ICN85, ICNT86, ICNT87 and ICNT88 series. Among them, ICNT86 series is the flagship product, which fully supports On-cell and In-cell. On the on-cell, ICNT86 supports new materials such as Metel mesh, in in-cell. According to the display driver chip, the touch scan can be automatically synchronized, which effectively reduces the interference of the LCM. In addition, ICNT86 series also has a variety of features, such as custom protection, that is, multiple custom wake-up functions, customizable security gestures; self-capacity / mutual capacitance, excellent waterproof performance; high SNR, performance increased by 70%; intelligent frequency hopping It can improve the anti-interference ability in all directions, simultaneously detect 30 frequency points, and intelligently search for clean frequency points.

In terms of display drivers, JiChuang launched the driver chip ICN9706 for small and medium size LCD screens in July this year. The chip uses the All-in-one architecture to integrate the Source driver, Gate driver and TCON into a single chip. This is the first in China, saving board space and reducing power consumption. The ICN9706 supports both the HD720 and HD800 resolutions of mobile phones, and supports up to 8-inch screens. In addition, Jitron will soon launch a FHD LCD driver chip using LTPS technology, and will be the first company in China to launch this level of products.

Faced with the frequent mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of the touch and display market, we will continue to uphold the rigorous and high-standard work attitude and push the ITD to maturity with the innate advantages of complete product lines and solid technical foundation. .

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